Government Utilities and Enterprise Resource Planning
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Government Utilities and Enterprise Resource Planning

These are set of amenities and services provided by the government for usage by the public. This is an institution which maintains infrastructures, amenities, services for the public. These utilities varies from one level of government levels to another, from a town to city level. These infrastructures which are being provided by the government for public use includes; pipe-borne water, electricity, telephone services, schools roads, hospitals and so many more.

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Importance of Government Utilities

1 - Low cost: Government utilities for the general public usage is less expensive, as the consumers of such services are made to pay a little amount of money. If these utilities are not being provided by the government, its become more expensive when an individual is the one in charge of such utilities.

2 - Access to Social Amenities: Without government utilities in some towns and cities, such a place might not enjoy basic amenities which makes life more comfortable. It would have been difficult for some amenities to be constructed by an individual due to the capital involved in the implementation of such infrastructures.

3 - Development: Government utilities brings about development to any place it is being sited. It leads to the rapid growth in such a place. Electricity for instance, brings about the sitting of companies where electricity is constant.

4 - More Revenues: Due to the construction of some infrastructure in a place, it leads to about building of companies in that area, whereas taxes and revenues will be generated from the companies and used by the communities for other purposes.

5 - Good Health: Government utilities such as hospital and clean water can lead to healthiness of the public where it is being sited. A case whereby, no clean water and no good hospital, death rate will increase, sicknesses and diseases will be on the high side.

Enterprise Resource Planning- this is an automation system which allows and helps a company or an organisation or government institution to manage day to day activities. These activities includes attendance for staffs, expenditures, income, ledgers and invoices. These system helps to keep tracks of the various activities carried out in a particular day , week or month. It over sees the operations which has been accomplished and those yet to be implemented.

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Importance of Enterprise Resource Planning to Government Institution

1 - Wastage is prevented: When an Enterprising resource planning system is being used by the government, it helps to prevent wastage in so many ways. Tracks of project which have been funded but yet to be implemented would be seen through this system, if this system haven't been used to keep track of such project, it will be abandon. Leakages in finances are prevented, it helps to keep tracks of income and expenditures,

2 - High Performances by the workers: Workers or staff of government institution will be more diligent in their responsibilities and duties as a result of tracks keeping of activities being performed by each of the workers. This lead to high qualities of services being rendered to the general public.

3 - Speedy Project implementation: This system facilitate the speedy completion and implementation of any project. Nonchalant altitudes which would have been portrayed by staffs and workers of such institution will be curtailed, due to the facts that the system monitors each individuals activities, this in one way or the other leads to more productivity. This seriousness as a result of this system leads to quick project completion, because everyone will be working efficiently.

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5 - Accurate public statistics: Some information such as statistics of a place are being kept in enterprise resource planning system. This helps to determine the number of people in a particular place and size of amenities to be provided in such a place. With enterprise resource planning, government can easily get the statistics and population figure of a place, for future purposes.

6 - Capable hand handles important portfolio: Capable hands are made to handle important post in government institution, as the system can easily discover those who are not functioning or performing in the their specific job role, leading to the removal of such a person and replacing with an expert which leads to higher productivity.
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