Hallmarks of High Performing Facility Management
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Hallmarks of High Performing Facility Management

High performing facility management software has hallmarks that demonstrate that it is better than lesser performing rival software. Facilities management software, whether CAFM or IWMS is really useful for the managers of every business provided they use their systems to its full capabilities.

The hallmarks of a high performing facility management software are that it will have better capabilities than the run of the mill versions. Technical excellence often comes at an extra cost, which can be justified if the performance is notably superior to less expensive rivals.

Hallmark of good software

Now some companies will not be concerned about getting the top performing software packages in place for them, as even the basic software will provide the improvements in performance and cost effectiveness they are seeking. On the other hand, there are other companies that will want to have the high performing software in place as they believe that the extra data and capabilities it offers will easily save more money than the extra costs initially paid out to have a higher quality package put into place. There are hallmarks and pointers to demonstrate, which packages are the higher performing ones. Companies that require these packages need to watch out for such hallmarks.

Currently one of the main hallmarks of high performing facility management software is that its storage is on cloud as opposed to been on computer desktop. Systems and software packages that make use of the cloud for storage are much better than those that still use desktop storage.

Desktop software is limited

The cloud allows for the storage of much greater quantities of data and information, which is really important considering the amount of data that facility management software generates and then subsequently needs to store. Lower priced software packages are often cheaper as they tend to have desktop storage.

Now desktop storage may still be okay for a really small business yet the larger the size of a company the greater amount of electronic storage it needs. So if a company can afford the minimal extra it costs to install a cloud based software package such as CAFM as the more cost effective it will be over the longer term. Besides as the memory on desktops can run out managers may be forced to delete they would have preferred to have kept.

Another reason why it is best to go for a hallmark software package with cloud storage is that more users in more places can gain access to often vital management information.

Facility management system on a desktop is confined to be used in the offices and the stores that the computers are in. If people cannot get to the specific computers that have the system on their desktop, then they cannot retrieve the required information. Sometimes vital work can be delayed while people get into the desktop themselves, or request that colleagues get the information for them instead. Compatible smartphones, laptops, and tablets could also access the information on the go, meaning decision could be made sooner yet with the same amount of relevant information.
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