What is the hierarchy of control?
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What is the hierarchy of control?

What is the hierarchy of control? In many cases, it is illustrated as a pyramid which includes components that apply to safety in the workplace. The general safety from any hazards that may exist, which are listed as:


This is just basically removing the thing that is considered the hazard in any workspace. If it poses a danger, or could be considered as such, this is the first method to be applied.

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Here would be if there is a hazardous material that does not need to be used, and there is something less abrasive, use the product that is less harmful. An example could be using environmentally friendly cleaning products instead of ones that have bleach or other chemicals.

Engineering controls

In this case, it could be something that is physically built in some way to separate people from the hazard itself. This is an extreme example, but biological hazards are often kept sealed and contained to prevent exposure.

Administrative controls

These are procedures put in place to inform and train people about hazards that exist. An example could be working knowledge of WHMIS or Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.

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Personal protective equipment

Things such as hard hats, gloves, masks, high visibility clothing, and glasses are all examples of personal protective equipment.

These are the standard components of a hierarchy of control. Charts are often seen in the workplace regarding such matters and how to deal with them, so employees are safe and have the information readily available to them.
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