History of ERP
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History of ERP

Ever since the slide rule in 1620 things have slowly but surely progressed for the computer. The digital computer that came to develop as what we know today however, really originated in 1936. It was all based on an idea by Alan Turing, a mathematician. By 1938 the United States Navy put this idea into motion.

The first computer program running in 1948 in Manchester at Victoria University. This is really where ERP was not yet realized, but little did the world know that it was going to be a big part of. The complete history of computers as can be seen, is a long one. But over the decades, ERP became a very important part of them, and how companies chose to utilize computers for work purposes.

History of ERP software erp fm

As far as networking, the very basis of ERP originated in the 1950s. Computers were connected to each other in order to communicate together. So by the 1990s, ERP ideas were already in the minds of people. The idea was to help governments and other non profit organizations. They called it Enterprise resource planning.

When the internet became well known in 1995, ERP was well on it's way. Servers were used to store large amounts of information. The PC still fresh, but very much an innovative idea. As time progressed from there, ERP systems became more and more important in our everyday lives, within a business, and working environment.

Online systems still very new back then, servers were primarily used for organizations to utilize large amounts of information. By the end of the 1990s there were concerns for awhile about how the turn in the 2000th year would affect all systems; many thought there would be major concerns and managed ERP systems even more because they were worried about what was then known as Y2K. The idea was that the clocks would not understand the year change, thus potentially causing problems.

History of ERP system erp fm

ERP systems were radically developed even further at that time. When it was realized that the potential problems did not really effect the systems badly, other areas of focus could then be placed on other matters. The next 16 years dramatically changed very quickly in the computer era in many ways.

The cloud, originating in the 1970s but not fully realized until the 2000s, was revolutionary for all types of devices; really being in focus of our modern day, with tablets and mobile devices. It has changed the way we see storage, and how it is used.

ERP has made some astounding changes, even over the past few years. Only 10 years ago, there was not much public discussion of the ideas in terms of the cloud or having systems like this that could be so fluid and mobile.

History of ERP software cafm

Servers were still and in some cases, still are being used. Sometimes it takes longer periods of time for the whole systems in place to change, because the public is so used to one, that it takes time to adapt to another. However, in the past 2 years there have really been noticeable changes in the way technology has so dramatically changed. It is finally being recognized as standard.

That is the first step to all systems evolving to the changes at hand. Having said that, it will still take time before all systems actually do initiate changes, because as with all things, there are adjustments to be made, not all supported, and not all completely understood by everyone as of yet.

There will, however be significant noticeable changes within a very short period of time, now that the wheels are in motion. As systems evolve further, they will be completely error free and easy for anyone to maintain. This just give a little taste of the history of computers and ERP; but it shows also just how fast the human race has actually moved in such a short t period of time.

To the point where it is astounding. It's unknown how much further technology will evolve, but there are still many ideas coming to the surface that people have only begun to comprehend. It wont be long however, until these ideas as well will be adopted.
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