How are school schedules decided?
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How are school schedules decided?

Timetables are easy to complex depending on the level of education. In preschool, many times, it can be constructed manually or in a spreadsheet by a preschool teacher. For schools of higher levels, it can be harder to manage. Different countries have different methods of managing the schedules.

Some cases will not allow choice for a student to choose which topic, leaving it up to staff to make the choice of the schedule, each topic organized by number of students to attend each class. Other times, students have a choice. In this case, what choice in what subject is determined by availability and also if the students meet the prerequisite of the class. Those determining factors then decide if the class may be attended by the student.

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This method can apply in high school, colleges or universities. For college, there are usually set programs where all classes are predetermined for each program which is chosen by the student, who then attends the classes within the program. Universities have a similar method as well, where the student must decide on an area of focus.

When a decision is made on how the class is formed there are two factors to consider; the prerequisite the student has as well as availability of the room itself. Who makes the schedule can also very, depending on the size of the school itself. If it is a large school, there may be a department specifically managed for administration matters such as these.

In fact, most schools will have a desk known as 'administration' to the students, where they go to apply for their class of choice. Lineups are usually a part of such a process.

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This allows for less schedule conflicts and at the same time give students a chance to choose which topic interests them. Of course this all depends on the location of the school, what level of the school, such as if it is preschool, school, high school, college, or university.

In today's world, there are also 'online classes' where no classroom is required. In these cases, the curriculum is sent to the student, leaving to student to do their studies on their own.

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This can involve a great deal of reading; but there may be assignments where that student must physically go places in order to visualize what they are learning about. They in turn would then write about their discovery to the teacher. It is becoming much more popular in today's fast paced world.

It can be seen that there is a great deal to be considered when discovering a timetable and creating a schedule for a student. In traditional schools, in most (if not all) cases, administration of some kind is required. This is how a school decides how the curriculum is set and divided among the students. The availability of the class, and the prerequisite the student has as well. It allows for the school to flow so there in the end, are little to no schedule conflicts.
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