How ERP Can Help with Waste Management
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How ERP Can Help with Waste Management

Waste disposal has always been a problem, it's just the world has evolved a lot more in the past century that it caused more waste usage. The world has become more industrial. Anything can be considered waste: trash, junk, technology, radioactive material, and much more. People have been disposing it not just at a alarming rate, but because the waste has not been disposed properly, which is why it is a problem.

Most of the waste materials have been thrown into nature, which is not natural; most of the waste material that has been discarded is man made. Waste materials get thrown into nature, making the waste mixed in nature's processes, which throws everything off balance, and cause unnatural processes. So many processes that waste can get into, like the water cycle, nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle, and other gas cycles that humans interact with everyday. Here's how most waste is disposed: usually in a landfill or incinerated.

The problem with this is that these processes are expensive and they are less energy efficient. The waste rotting in landfills causes oxygen problems, causing methane gas up into the atmosphere.

How ERP Can Help with Waste Management

The methane gets trapped in the atmosphere, causing climate change. The problems with incineration is that incinerating plastic can cause harmful toxins in the air, which can contribute to acid rain and air pollution; along with that, the heavy metal in the incinerators also give up harmful toxins in the air, another disposal problem is that a lot of waste do make it to nature, do make into the water. When waste gets into the water, it can contribute to acid rain because the waste becomes part of the water cycle. It seems that humans do not know when to dispose waste. These problems make the world unhealthy to live in for not only humans, but all living creatures.

Based on these problems, it seems that industrial businesses need more organization when it comes to their products. Most products seem to be discarded because people do not where they need to go or if they are still usable; and if they are re-usable, how can they be re-usable. Some people just do not know, and that is alright. That is where ERP, or the Enterprise Resource Planning comes in to help. Enterprise Resource Planning manages and integrates the companies products; it also organized these products in the ways of financing, marketing, inventory, and sales.

Waste Management ERP

How ERP works is that it works as the central part of the business, as it branches out to different parts of the business. So each branch of the business has there own organization without having to worry about other branches. This makes communication and sharing information across the company a lot easier. This can lead for the employers and employees to be a lot more understanding how every product is used and what other ways they can be used. This could probably lead to less waste being thrown away because the organization would be so much better.

This could also help the waste disposal globally, not for each business. Let's treat the world like a business and use the Enterprise Resource Planning for the center of it all. Like for a business, ERP could be established as the center core for every country in the world, where every country would be their own branch, being in control of their waste usage.

Every country has this problem with waste, but if the ERP was established, then each country could control there own waste usage, while able to see how their waste organization affects everyone else. Countries can be more knowledgeable about how they managing their own products( physical or chemically) and how everyone else is doing. Knowing can keep everyone in check, so nobody is wasting and dumping products where they don't need to be.

ERP for waste

Waste has always been a problem for the globe; all living things are a wasteful, humans are not special. Products and gases that are now part of nature can integrate themselves into natures cycle, causing imbalances in the world. A solution is organizing these products and knowing what they can do, so that humans are not wasting.

ERP can help not only businesses, but the world, because it brings everyone together by separating into sections so that each section can just focus on their own section, while seeing how everybody else is doing. ERP can help shed the light for people in dark; if everyone sees the light, then wasting will be a lot less.
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