How ERP has benefitted MIS
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How ERP has benefitted MIS

Most times, people have associated Management Information Systems, (MIS), with coding. The truth is, MIS involves the analysis of data, management of projects, customer service, teamwork, and leadership training. If they had not offered these other aspects of business theories, they might have been termed (Computer Science Specialists).

Since they are involved in the relationships between people, organisations and technology; their use of Enterprise Resource Planning is called for. Enterprise Resource Planning in MIS has been of great benefit to MIS Professionals. MIS is involved deeply in the development of systems for organisations and have received benefits from using ERP.

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Some of these functions are:


Quality information is the lifeblood of every organisation. The function of designing an information system is not complete if the organisation that will use it does not have it in the right context and in the right time to enable them make quality business decisions. This is one benefit that ERP has brought to the table. When integrated with this system designed by MIS, the organisation that uses it can see opportunities as well as problems well in advance to make effective management decisions.


Regardless of the system designed for each of an organisation's department, it amounts to nothing if the aim of promoting the needs and objectives of an organisation is not met. It is with the use of ERP that business oriented tools that support each department of an organisation is met. With the aid of ERP, business processes of an organisation is networked to support communication and collaboration.



With ERP, the system is designed to enable an organisation to effectively communicate with its present and future customers. This communication between an organisation and its customers improves sales and marketing; and of course, helps in the delivery of good customer service.


One of the systems designed for organisations is that which enables management to make good quality decisions. With ERP, large volumes of information can be generated of all the business processes of an organisation. The decisions made are based upon the information in the hands of the management. ERP ensures that this information is delivered on a real time basis.


ERP enables the central database to publish, edit and modify content. Each department stores its information in either form of text, pictures, documents, phone numbers and so on. This stored content is now used to enhance performance by ensuring the integrity and accuracy of content..

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ERP when integrated, helps in the finding of patterns of the data existing from operations. Business intelligence is a combination of skills, technology, application, processes and practices.

ERP has benefited the many functions of Management Information Systems. Regardless of the system there is a need to integrate the human, technology and other aspects of a business if the aim of running an effective organisation is to be met. The many functions of MIS has been made possible to work in organisations with different departments and many branches.
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