How ERP helps in procurement reporting
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How ERP helps in procurement reporting

Procurement reporting is poised to be a differentiator within an organization that will deliver great value to clients and shareholders. This is the reason why it needs an ERP software to help in the delivery process. The importance of procurement reporting with the use of an enterprise resource planning software facilitates:

- INFLUENCING: Procurement reporting aims to influence the different departments within an organization. Using ERP which has a central database that links different departments of an organization, it strives to create a partnership with each of the organization's departments.

Through influencing, it becomes possible to harmonize processes across the enterprise. Contracts that affect the organization are negotiated allowing procurement to be more responsive towards the organization. This strategic partnering helps members of the other departments to realize that procurement is not out to hunt them. This makes them view procurement more like a partner

Procurement ERP

- CONSISTENCY: One of the reasons why organizations embrace ERP is because they want to maintain a level of consistency. Driving consistency is one of the aims of procurement planning. This explains why procurement reporting focuses on maximizing total value. It is of utmost importance to maintain a level of consistency.

- VALUE DELIVERY: Procurement reporting provides two kinds of value to the company. It may be either of hard value or soft value. It concerns itself with the measurement of the value delivered. With the support of an ERP software, the value provided by procurement reporting is easier to ascertain. This helps to ensure credibility when benefits are being reported.


- PROCUREMENT RISKS: There are risks involved in the process of procurement. They are better presented using an ERP software. Procurement reporting does not focus on cost alone, it also reports quality and service, and the risk involved in achieving it. To overcome the risks involved, procurement is involved from the early stage of the business planning cycle.

- PROCUREMENT EFFICIENCY: For procurement reporting to be efficient, there is a need to enable the proper monitoring of purchasing behaviors. With the aid of an ERP software, this task becomes possible. Efficiency underlines the need to enforce consistency in matters relating to the organization's policies and controls. This in its own way will contribute to having an increased value for shareholders. As a result, procurement sheds its old outlook as a cost-centered unit alone and showcases its ability to make an impact in top level management.

Procurement Reporting

- TALENT DEVELOPMENT: With the use of ERP, procurement is able to attract and retain competent professionals. These professionals are trained to improve their effectiveness.

Procurement reporting is an aspect of a business that is beginning to gain grounds. It attempts to unify all the departments in the organization. Its unifying factor will make each department the departments consider procurement as a strategic partner.

Using ERP software it is easier for procurement reporting to be used to have a view of what is happening across the entire organization. Since procurement has gone from concentrating on cost alone, its ability to influence each and every department of an organization has increased its influence.
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