How ERP systems can benefit Local Governments in the UK
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How ERP systems can benefit Local Governments in the UK

With growing complexity of local governing in mind, application of modern tools of organization is essential. Seventeen years into the new millennium, our society has ventured into the technological era to the point of no return.

While at certain point in the past governing relied mostly on interpersonal relationships where the tasks were handed out based on mutual trust between individuals, in our times of strict bureaucratic regulations such style of governing would prove to be shady and lacking transparency. However, to go through all the steps of the process at hand could prove strenuous and might require a lot of time and paperwork.Thus there is a growing need to digitalize the workings of official bodies.

ERP system Local Governments

Not only does it save time and money, but also helps to connect the many branched out aspects of the government into one. But before we venture deeper into this, let us consider the basic structure of local government in the UK.Ideally, the UK the local government is organized into single tier, which would be the unitary boroughs.

However, more frequently they are organized into two tiers: county council, which is in charge of education, transport, planning, social care, etc., and the city council, which is in turn responsible for recycling, council tax collections, housing, planning applications and such. In meeting sessions the council will draw from preconceived ideas in order to make decisions about current topics.

In order to keep everything transparent, information about the budget spending must be kept public, but in big councils, that are given various tasks on a daily basis, in order to keep the record of everything that is discussed and decided there is a need for a reliable and efficient method of filing and organizing the data. What was once stacked in endless files and cabinets, now is neatly organized through software.

Local Governments UK

ERP, enterprise resource planning, is a shared database that encompasses all the aspects of the government. It is a single software used to organize and plan all the workings within a business, or, in this case, the local government.Biggest challenge of introducing a new system into the daily routine is, of course, the fact that employees need time to adapt to it. However, tech support that is in charge of the IT part of the scale deems the transition in most cases very smooth.

In order to successfully implement ERP into the workings of the government it is important for the government officials, who understand how the business works, to guide and advise the technical engineers who set up the system. Once the transition from paper to screen is complete, all the information regarding the working of the government is linked to each other, which in turn makes business not only more transparent but also more efficient.

This means that redundant information is cut, and what is left is utilized because each branch of the government, now that is linked, feeds of all the others. Studies have shown that, by using ERP, hiring processes can be cut down by two weeks, as well as the use of many paper reports and forms can be eliminated, or at least severely reduced. Furthermore, ERP that is set out right will provide the government with an operational direction for next ten years.

ERP Local Government

Taking also into consideration that it is an easily accessible system that covers all the aspects of the government we can see how having such a layout could smoothen any leadership changes within the government, because most of the budget calculations will be done automatically, the government staff can use their time more creatively in order to optimize the effects of their task force. This allows also for a more precise budgeting, since the software calculations are all-inclusive and up to date.

When explored, the most important change that is brought about by ERP is not mere software implementation, but rather modernization of the way business is done within the government. It links not only all the different sectors of the government but it also includes the citizens of the county into the system.

It makes it easier for them to engage in daily workings of the government, but also to settle their own affairs with it in a digital fashion, such as paying bills or applying for official documents. Of course, embarking on a such task as interlinking all of the aspects of the counties private sector is a long and complicated process that demands for strong leadership and good communication between the county officials and technical experts engineering the software. However, the benefits that can be reaped from such an endeavour over time will prove to be not only plentiful but also essential.
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