How ERP uses corrective feedback loops to make products and services reliable
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How ERP uses corrective feedback loops to make products and services reliable

Learning takes place every single second of the day whether formally or informally. To achieve this, what one learns must be repeated on a frequent basis if any kind of perfection is hoped to be attained. This is where a corrective feedback loop comes into play. It helps to identify what went wrong in a process with the aim of having it corrected.

Poor quality of a company's product or service has made lots of companies lose ground on their market share. This is because the people who purchase their products or services can find something better in the marketplace. There is, therefore, the need for the management of a company to implement the use of enterprise resource planning in making a corrective feedback loop a part of its process so as to achieve a constant high quality of the product or service it offers.

Corrective feedback loop

To increase productivity, as well as offer products or services that are reliable, companies use ERP to resolve the issues of a corrective feedback loop. It works like this:


For the output of a company to be reliable, whether it is a product or service, there will be a system that allows for certain functions to be performed under stated conditions over a given period of time. With the use of ERP and a corrective feedback loop, any deficiency that occurs within the system can be detected in time and corrected before it reaches the customer. By so doing, it reduces or eliminates the occurrence of customers of an organization receiving products or services that are of poor quality.

Lots of industries have used this management tool to identify the cause of an issue and also to correct the issue. With this rapid way of detecting an issue, companies are able to address the issue of reliability of their product or service before it becomes quite expensive. This has improved the automation process of performing tasks.


Through the development of the patterns of deficiency, a company can prevent the occurrence of faulty operations. With the use of ERP and corrective feedback loop to detect where the deficiency occurs, a company will find a way to avoid it from happening again. By highlighting the issues as soon as possible, it automatically recommends the best action to take as a corrective measure.

The benefit of using ERP and a corrective feedback loop is in the detection of issues in a matter of seconds. By being this precise, the company is able to resolve an issue that may have occurred persistently. If done manually, this problem that was precisely identified in seconds may take months to resolve; or perhaps, never resolved at all.


Part of receiving feedback immediately is the proven fact that it allows for real-time monitoring of a process. When a product or service is monitored in real time, a company has an increased chance of having only products or services of high quality reach its customers.


One thing that companies hate to do is to recall a product which they have already introduced into the market. Besides, the bad publicity which this scenario brings to the image of the company, it also costs a huge amount of money to recall products that have spread far and wide. as much as possible, a manufacturing company, for instance, will appreciate having a reduced warranty fault.

Other matters that come to mind include the life management cycle of a product, dealing with environmental issues, maintenance, safety issues and the slowing down of a product launch time. It is really a huge benefit to have an ERP and corrective feedback loop that monitors the process of product or service delivery in real time.


The quality of a product or service determines to a large degree how much quantity of the product will be sold. In the case of a recall of cars, for instance, the sales projected for that car will not be met. Considering that the company spent lots of money in producing the cars, it means that the company will run a loss as it will not be able to recoup the costs involved in manufacturing the cars.

Part of the reason for this is the pressure faced by companies these days to outperform competition when it comes to the innovation of products. In their bid to quickly launch a product to the market, faults may occur.

With the use of ERP and corrective feedback loop, it becomes easier for companies to quickly detect faults as well as fully understand the root cause of the deficiency. Without fully understanding the root cause of the deficiency, the problem may persist since tweaking one aspect may result in another part becoming faulty. It has significantly helped companies to reduce the quantity and frequency of poor quality products being launched into the market.

ERP corrective feedback loop


ERP with a corrective feedback loop saves companies millions of dollars as well as time through its ability to analyze the root cause of an issue. When the root cause of an issue is known, the chances of such problem occurring in future is almost non-existent. This translates to the company saving time it would have used in doing a recall as well as the huge cost involved.

By having data of the quality of the product to be produced, in a matter of seconds, this software will raise an alarm if it detects a product that does not meet the required standard. This early warning is one benefit which companies will always want to assist them to launch only quality products into the market.

This software has helped in resolving many issues associated with a corrective feedback loop. Companies have gotten better for it as it has reduced the frequency and quantity of products recalled. This, in turn, has made products and services of companies to be more reliable. It is an enforcer of product standard with clear precision when detecting a deficiency. This is why it has been adopted by lots of industries that have the need to maintain the quality standard of their products and services.
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