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Human Resource Management System

Human resource management systems, or HRMS is a type of software that manages and tracks all aspects of employees regarding subjects of human resources. Incorporated with ERP systems, it manages these specific areas of concern in a company in a way that management and employees can locate and monitor effectively.

There are many benefits to a company that applies this to their HR department. The business can be more active in understanding how each employee is doing within the organization. They will know in turn how they are being productive as a company; they will also know what areas need to be improved upon. Here are the topics that HRMS utilizes.

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Records of performance

This within the HRMS, provides all aspects of how each employee is doing within their specific position. It shows their track record of producing work, how effective it is, and how it is benefiting the company. The human resource management system also produces that of an appraisal of each employee, determining their overall value to the company. An employer would use this information to regularly see how each employee is performing.

Work schedules

This part of the system allows for a manager to monitor the schedules for the employees that work within the organization. There is also a function which manages absence of an employee, such as when they are absent, and how often. The attendance and time of which a employee arrives can also be implemented; this allows for a manager to be aware of every employees levels of tardiness and attendance in general.

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This administration tool gives the employer a way to keep track of who has certain benefits within the organization and specifically, what they are. They could include the shares that a employee has for the company and also the insurance benefits they have such as dental or medical. The human resources management system also can organize an employees retirement plans. Payroll is also another function that can be utilized in order to see how much each employee is making, allowing for accuracy, and revision.

Recruiting and training

In the HRMS, an employer can recruit an potential employee based on requirements that the system has implemented, and compare to the organizations values and goals. It can see how the applicant applied for the job, what their qualifications are, and how that relates to the company. Existing employees can also be tracked by seeing what current credentials they have and what types of training they have utilized while being in the company.

Self Service

Employees and supervisors can also use the HRMS without always inquiring to HR. If an employee wants to know how they are doing, they can see items such as attendance, their performance, how much they are working, as well as what benefits they currently have. Also, if an employee wanted to do overtime on something, they can request it to a supervisor and that supervisor can answer them without bothering HR management.

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Grievances and Re-assignments

These functions of the HRMS allow for a transfer of a position, changes to a position such as promotions or any revisions of salary. The system will also track of any approvals or dis-approvals that that employee has on such decisions. Managers would use this function to organize the company's agenda.


This function gives the employer a birds eye view of how the company is doing in regards to these areas in HR as a whole for the company. Charts and graphs may be used to illustrate productivity and areas of improvement. Percentages and numbers would also be included, as well as a comparison to other similar companies, and how they are generally doing. Analysts in the organization would use this feature to display to upper management.

Who would utilize these functions of such software would be HR, managers, finance, development, analysts, and in the self serve option, the employees themselves. It is beneficial to everyone as each concern comes up in the subject of HR. It is relative to all ERP systems as any business must track such topics in order to be successful and would be normal to incorporate this into ERP as well because these HR issues frequently come up within a company; and they need to be tracked in a way that makes sense to the employer, and the employee. With careful systems like this, a company will see positive results within their organization.
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