Importance of having mobile ERP access
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Importance of having mobile ERP access

ERP is a management software that can collect, store and interpret data from various business activities. ERP provide updated and continuous data about a business using a common data base, hence enable share of information across various department of a business.

Mobile ERP use mobile device such as smartphones or tablets instead of a computer Mobile ERP have various benefits in an organization. It improves the quality of work in an organization as employees have instant access to important information at their location.

Due to the portability of mobile devices, employee can carry them around and access them whenever they encounter difficulties in their field of work and ensure company internal procedure operate smoothly. This improves the quality of work in an organization as accurate information is executed by employees. This reduces the error that occur in an organization and saves time and money. Better decision making is achieved though mobile ERP system.

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Many managers rely on their memory, document and emails to make a decision. This make decision making difficult to field manager who have no access to any document, computer or information that is relevant to make an informed decision at that time. Mobile ERP system allows manager to make timed and well informed decision which improves an organization and make it more competitive.

Mobile ERP system reduces the gap between an office and the field by providing instant access to data. Mobile ERP provide an alternative solution for making decision since it contain all relevant information from previous decision made, which may help the manager to come up with other solution. Mobile ERP system offer data security in an organization.

The software is built with adequate security measures to store valuable information in an organization. Compared to paper filling system which can be stolen or burned during fire incident and lead to lose of data, mobile ERP stores information in a data base which information can be retrieved in case of loss of the mobile device. Also the organization is able to block or wipe data on the mobile device that are stolen or lost as a way of security measures.

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Mobile ERP system control who access the information in an organization by use of password. Password that access high level information in the system is not shared by other employee, only the key management are able to access them hence improve security of data in the organization. Mobile ERP system have a shift planner which guide the user on the procedure of creating and maintaining schedules.

The system has a reminder to inform employee the next event that will occur and also send alert when schedules conflicts occur. This in an important tool in planning in an organization as it ensures smooth running of events in an organization and prevent wastage of time. Shift planner ensure changes of shift by employee are done correctly by sending a note to the mobile device. Also it is an important tool since it reminds employee on the work to be done in a specific time hence reduce incidence of forgetting schedules.

Mobile ERP

This improves production of an organization and make the process less complicated and more productive. Also greater productivity of work is achieved when mobile ERP is integrated in an organization. Since employee are able to access information whenever they are, they continue to work as if they were in the office hence reduce cost in terms of paper work and office space. Mobile ERP software have an advantage as employee can work while they are at home and improve production of an organization.

An organization that has mobile ERP software integrated in their system have a competitive advantage over their opponent. The use of mobile devices provide best services and results at lower cost which is appealing to customer. Due to the affordable rates of mobile devices it’s an efficient way of targeting more customers and obtaining feedback which may help an organization to excel.

This improves customer services. In conclusion mobile ERP system contribute to the success of an organization due to availability of information which lead to better decision making and implementation of right procedures. Also the system enable smooth operation of an organization and easy management since all the work done is monitored.
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