Industries which Enterprise Resource Planning is most productive within
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Industries which Enterprise Resource Planning is most productive within

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, categorised under business-management software that uses an integrated system to manage and control other back office related functions such as: technology, services and human resources. Some of the ERP System benefits include:

Makes the organisation more focused on the risk at hand and how to manage it. It provides a way to share risk information within the company.

ERP provides the ability to report and analyse risk; it improves the focus of directors and other company leaders, in such a way that they are able to comprehend the most important risk area.

Help in detecting potential risk and find ways to sort it out.

It allows efficient use of resources by improving the framework and tools that will be used in controlling the risk.

Through the use of control and monitoring techniques, an organisation is able to report data from the ERP programs.

A lot of industries have been benefiting from the Enterprise Resource Planning system, some of them include;

ERP Industry Software

Construction industry

Through the ERP System benefits, the construction industries are able to make well-informed decisions, have greater management consensus and improve on communication. Through this the industry can have an efficient risk management system through a controlled ERP framework. You should know that construction organisations are mainly project based. Thus through provision of multi-project portfolios, it would help in determining the project's overall risk.

Telecommunication industry

A few of the perks through the ERP system include: better customer satisfaction and top quality decision making for management. Through implementing of this system, Telecommunication Company has benefited tremendously through the improvement in information quality, system quality, service quality, user satisfaction, and net benefits.


This system provides real-time data to the healthcare organisation such as accounting, human resources and supply chain

management. It also offers a more efficient delivery of services both internally and externally.

It upgrades the system regularly for efficient performance.

It helps in cost controlling due to the expensiveness of running a healthcare.

Critical decision making is thoroughly considered.

The ERP brings more focus to the primary patients through the health care organisation.

Healthcare ERP Industries

Insurance companies

Thorough the ERP, the insurance companies have benefited in the following ways:

It has contributed to lower and stable earnings which have contributed to capital volatility.

It has improved to credit ratings leading to lower capital requirements.

It facilitates risk management and improves decision making through regulatory requirements.

It determines the rate in which a company can borrow money through the shareholder value.

Large organisation and small business

It does not matter how big or small your organisation is what matter are the benefits they attain from the ERP system
It fuels growth and profits through cost saving and operational improvement.

It helps in containing costs by ensuring growth of revenues are not affected by growth of profits.

It takes advantage of the technology, features, and function of the ERP, which is still expanding more and more.

Education ERP Industries


Costing is the only thing to consider when it comes to ERP. It has contributed to the learning of new techniques through online and smart classes. ERP has also improved operations in the organisation making them manageable.

Allowing educational facilities to easily and flexibly mage all costs with great overviews and reporting. Run your entire payroll for staff through ERP while assigning all purchase orders to the relevant students. Allow students and staff alike to book rooms and areas, cutting out the issue of double booking.
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