Insurance companies and facility management
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Insurance companies and facility management

In the modern day insurance companies require software to carry out their day to day business needs, often with bespoke components that are tailored to their particular formulas for evaluating costs and fees.

Daily tasks such as issuing new insurance policies, or deciding whether or not to pay out for claims on existing policies. Computers and software packages are used by all insurance companies to cope with the massive volume of new customers and claims made by their existing customers.

The insurance companies themselves would like to process everything as accurately and quickly as possible, with the right software for achieving those aims. For their customers these companies having software capable of handling the complexity and volumes of insurance claims is vital. For customers may need financial compensation or the replacement of lost or broken items as quickly as possible to get their lives back on track so the software needs to quickly access the records of every customer in an instant should they ever need to make an insurance claim.

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Software needs to be fast and powerful to deal with the vast amount of data and information coming into and been retrieved from their computers every single day, but not only that, it needs to be highly available for field workers via mobile devices. Therefore insurance companies need packages that are fast, reliable, and have plenty of available resources to deal with even more data during even busier periods, such as winter time, or after severe weather conditions have caused property damage.

If the deployed system is quick enough then the insurance companies can manage their needs in a lot more orderly manner, allowing for every single claim to be resolved as swiftly as possible. Speed can be really important for some customers, as the issues that have prompted them to make their claims could be putting them or their property in serious danger. With ERP:FM we provide all relevant staff and managers of insurance companies with the correct information to allow them to process claims and make any payments or provision of replacement goods and services as a matter of urgency.

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Over the last few years many insurance companies have altered the policies that they offer to their customers, in such ways as to make the installation of ERP and facility management software even more of a priority. Companies for instance often offer to replace things instead of giving customers the money to pay for a new item. Customers for example could do with replacement ovens been fitted immediately, or a courtesy car whilst their own gets towed to a garage and fixed.

Such scenarios are more complex to arrange then issuing a payment as people are expecting their insurance policies state that they are entitled to. Facility management software mixed with a functioning and effective CRM (Customer relationship manager) will retrieve details for each customer so that the staff working on each task can make a quick decision on helping their customers who have made a claim on their insurance policy, once any required proof has been seen and then verified.

Insurance companies have a mass of options available to them in the marketplace, they can buy a generic software package or they can work with specialists like ERP:FM and have it adapted for specific types of insurance like car, home, or pet insurance so the process is much more tailored to there requirements than being just another insurance company going over the same tired routines.

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