Intermittent Manufacturing System
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Intermittent Manufacturing System

Intermittent Manufacturing System is the best way to fulfill the customers needs, this is a process in which the goods are manufactured in accordance with customers needs. In the process of Intermittent Manufacturing System the flow of goods is intermittent so named. This systems are very flexible to handle because of wide variety of products.

According to customers the product design, inputs of product are customized. So this process requires continuous and numerous types of adjustments according to customers needs. Examples of Intermittent Manufacturing Systems are hospitals, machine shops, general office, etc.

Intermittent Manufacturing System

In Intermittent Manufacturing System highly skilled labor is required and most of the products are produced on a small scale. This type of process requires only machine work so the workloads are generally unbalanced. General purpose machines are used in this project. This type requires proper regulation and close inspection at every stages of production.

Due to variety of orders and different products the system requirements are very close. Stock control is to be maintained continuously for the necessary goods ordered by the customers.

ERP Intermittent Manufacturing System

When manufacturing is carried on the specifications of customers it is referred to as job lot manufacturing . Here the whole product is one job. The cost of each job is according to customers needs and specifications. Storage facilities have to be provided at each stage of production. ERP has a daily routine for employees as they have a daily work to test every tasks and problems and then giving solutions to them.

For example, when ERP systems work the resource planning takes place in numerous types of ways in which the best ways are chosen. So by following all these stages the planning becomes very simple and gains employees a tactic knowledge. This makes the routine. ERP has been a routine for the employees working in every field.
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