Managing a Restaurant with Enterprise Resource Planning
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Managing a Restaurant with Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource planning. An ERP is a management software that helps to speed up business by using integrated applications and software to ensure your business is running at its most efficient. This system is adopted for its fantastic practicality in restaurant management

In terms of everyday use an ERP can be used as the system in which orders are taken at tables to the most advanced even estimating when you are overspending on staff in the quieter lulls of a dinner service.

Other factors a ERP can manage include inventory control, price management, accounting application and even manage human resources and payroll.

Restaurant Management Software

The general idea of an ERP is to provide a centralized core system in which all information is stored and updated to make sure everyone have access to the latest information at one time.

Not every ERP it the same however so let's look at a few of the systems.

Cloud based ERP

A cloud based ERP is one that works off of cloud data meaning information is always updated. There are those however that have been dubious of Cloud systems for the fear of security, but as cloud computing becomes more popular and safety advances have been made this has become less ofa concern in lieu of the massive benefits of the system.

Mobile ERP

A mobile ERP is usually in the form of an application in which employees can access information and business functionality form remote locations.

Restaurant Management System

Social ERP

A social ERP is a somewhat controversial subject in that it is not a stand alone system but more a package to be added with a standard ERP. It can be useful but many have debated whether a social ERP I necessary or indeed worth the cost.

So What kind of ERP do I need?

You dont need to be a Michelin star restaurant to benefit from good restaurant management. From large corporations to small business' there are different packages to suit most business owners, and ensure efficiency at low cost.

This kind of system is now being seen more and more in almost every restaurant you may visit. That is because at relatively low cost these systems can not only make you more efficient but in the long run save you money. Many argue this system simply pays for itself.

ERP Restaurant Management

A good Enterprise resource planning software will integrate extremely easily and usually incorporate tools you may already use. This means usually ERP integration is not the uncertain step you may think it is. Although there will be a change ( for the better ) you will find your staff getting used to using this system for everything very quickly. In a matter of weeks you could have taken the step into the next evolution of the restaurant with ease.

So take a look into investing in a ERP today, as I previously said you will find it paying for itself, as well as giving you more time to ensure customers are getting great food, great customer service and having a great time. Save time and money easily for your ERP
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