Managing hotel staff with ERP
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Managing hotel staff with ERP

Irrespective of the area or size or type of hotel that you run, having an Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP leads to a coordinated effort to put up your best before your guests arrive and gives you the upper hand even when faced with stiff competition.

ERPs of hotels are fully capable of administering your hotel property from end to end, give you insight into your business and administer income and online reputation along with dispersion. If it is not already obvious to you an ERP will enable you to run your hotel better and stay ahead of the technological and developmental curve.

The process to put in place an ERP is not that convoluted and the first step to be taken in this regard is to identify any key requirements that you may have. An ERP is a significant investment and you want to make sure that you are placing your money in suitable hands.

Hotel Management ERP

The Advantages of Hotels with an ERP are several and include:

Management of Hotel Staff

This is one of the prime reasons behind the shift to ERPs by hotels across the world. A hotel ERP lets you:

Assign employees tasks

You and your manager can effectively assign tasks to employees with the press of a button with an ERP and the employee is well aware of his duties thus cutting down lost time and improving overall productivity, all round.

Manage Holiday & Sickness

With an ERP your manager is constantly aware of not only who is doing what but also when they are supposed to go on leave or holidays. It also lets him accommodate and adjust the roster so that sick employees too are accounted for.

Hotel Task Management

Pay Employees

With the performance and presence of employees available for you to view at a mouse-click, the whole process of paying employees for their efforts is as easy as it ever can be. Some ERPs also have payment modules that can execute the payment process for your convenience.

Understand True SLA

The service level agreement can be gauged much more effectively with the help of an efficient and capable ERP. All the data is there for you to analyse and the resultant insights may easily be gleaned from them.

Managing and Recording Guest History

Hotel Staff ERP

The task of managing guests is an intricate, difficult and often tedious job. But a good ERP will be able to keep track of preferences of guests who visit you place more than once. This will help you in retaining customers as they turn to loyal and returning guests with your proactive service that takes into account his needs.

Help in Front Office Regulation

ERPs facilitate the whole process of front office regulation by reducing check-in and check-out times by often more than 50%. Room rates, offers, billing all are simplified with the introduction of an ERP

So we may easily say that if your hotel is yet to have an ERP in place then not only is it not making the most of its human resources and people management but also is lagging behind in efficiency.
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