Medium Enterprises and ERP
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Medium Enterprises and ERP

In recent years ERP has truly changed the face of businesses all over the world with their diverse nature which helps in business process management through the use of technology and software.

ERP helps businesses to control every aspect of their services-both internal and external by use of a proper system which eliminates data duplication and thus increases efficiency in all the sectors-be it HR, Accounting, Raw Material Management, Production, Sales and Marketing or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and much more.

Though ERP has been a revelation in case of big businesses, Medium Enterprises have often been seen courting this one question-"Why and How to Implement ERP when it comes to Medium Enterprises". We will not only discuss the why and how part but we will also make sure by the end of the article you will know how to find perfect ERP solution for your medium-scale business you have been meaning to boost all this while.

Medium Enterprises and ERP

One thing we have to change first is the perception, we have to understand that ERP is no longer something that only the Fortune 500 companies have the resources to use. The tides have changed-ERP software modules have been revised vastly so that they easily meet the requirements of the medium enterprises as well.

The ERP companies have realized that they need to hit the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) markets sooner rather than later and with that in mind they have come up with changes in their software which makes them both cost effective and efficient for the SMEs.

Medium Enterprises in today's world of cut-throat competition from their rivals always have to stay a step ahead or be devoured by the competition. Medium scale organizations face a lot of issues which are easily solvable by ERP. One of the basic difference between the big companies and a medium one is that the big ones have the capital, time and man-power to find an alternative way of doing a task, they can find a solution to a problem using long hours unlike a medium company where even small mistakes can lead to losses that affect the turnover negatively.

ERP helps these companies find that key which unlocks every lock that needs to be unlocked and that too in a short time, less man-power and more efficiency. Once the awareness and perception of the top brass of the medium scale industry changes, these people can help to usher the ERP software into the daily life of the business. Most MEs(Medium Enterprises) have limited resources in the IT department which cannot handle the ERP requirements of the company.

Medium Enterprises

This calls for asking ERP consultants to take over the project. This often leads to higher costs. But this is almost a one time process. Once the software is up and running, all it needs is a little bit of fine tuning now and then to keep up with the developments in the business and also do a daily check-up to see that all the servers are up and working; because once the company shifts over to the ERP management, even a tiny problem in the software can lead to complete stoppage of work in the office and that is always detrimental to businesses.

One of the most important positives that come from ERP is efficiency, a massive boost in it to be precise. ERP renders hours of paperwork needless as data entry into the required fields save hours. Also it becomes easier to just get the particular data or entry you require at any instant by searching in the ERP which would otherwise take a long time to get by conventional methods.

Client details, budget, sales and much more-all are available at the click of the mouse in the ERP. Once the process is understood by the work-force and ERP is implemented completely, the results are visible almost immediately in the MEs. Money, energy, time all are saved, all of which are maybe more important to a Medium Enterprise in comparison to a big one.

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Hence ERP is the way to go for all you medium scale business owners who are looking to increase their turnover in this coming quarter. Yes, there will be a few problems to face and yes the ERP software will need to be designed according to the individual company's needs, but a thorough implementation will lead to immediate improvements in productivity.

Coming to the types of businesses that require to implement ERPs, we believe that every type of medium scale business should adopt the ERP solutions provided after due assessment and establishing a proper schedule of the targets to achieve with the ERP module.

Considering that you have almost 200 people working for you (in case of a ME), implementing an ERP will do wonders for your business in terms of productivity and efficiency. Be it a start-up, consultancy, retail service or a manufacturing company, you are sure to benefit from the ERP. The most important fundamental is to find the right fit for your business and that can be done by sitting down with the ERP consultants and discussing thoroughly.
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