Reports in CAFM
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Reports in CAFM

As is always the case with your reports, you are going to want a safe and secure place to store them, which is exactly what you get with My Reports. This is the perfect place for you to save and to store any and all of you variable or fixed reports. My Reports also offers you a very clear and smart filtering system, which gives you a very easy way to locate and to edit any and all of the business reports you require.

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Pushing any form of reports over to the My Reports section has never been easier and you pretty much don't have anything to do manually, as it is all done automatically. As soon as you have your fixed recurring report or your one off report set up, it will then export it over to the My Reports section, without you having to worry about a thing.

When you are in My Reports, you will notice that it has been pre-set so that the most recently created report will always appear at the top of the list, going down in reverse chronological order from the most recent all the way down to the oldest report on the list.

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Another part of the My Reports section that you will find handy, is the fact that it is quick and easy for you to filter through your reports, simply by selecting the required field that is relevant at the time. Quick, easy and simply!
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