NFC and the Chrome Browsing Platform
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NFC and the Chrome Browsing Platform

The future of this innovative team and what it means for tech users. In just the past 10 years, technology and its implementation in the world of internet development and creation of new technology has soared and grown exponentially. There are these exciting new developments when originally presented can seem intimidating and unclear on exactly what these new developments and devices can do for you.

This being said, we need to realize when we truly have come across something great and it's up to the innovators of the technological world to share with the slightly tech challenged general public (in layman’s terms when possible) when something truly innovative and industry changing has come to pass.

NFC Chrome

Investors and inventors like are putting countless hours and investments into getting these new technologies up and running and ready for user consumption. Certain technology and the companies and platforms they collaborate with are part of this broad spectrum information that is needed for the public to have a clear picture on the market as developers and inventors see it. One of these collaborations is the creators, producers, and retailers of NFC technology and their ties with the Chrome Browsing platform.

Looking to read an NFC tag using Javascript?

The Chrome development team are expected to launch standalone reading capabilities of NFC into the Chrome Browser without the need for a third party application to read the NFC tags at some point in 2017.

As most understand, there has been servers and clouds and invisible storage spaces for all our valued and plentiful information. From our pictures we take on our cell phones, to the documents our doctors use to keep our health records, this information is stored on servers and platforms that use the internet and current technology to keep our information protected and organized in a way that is helpful and innovative for leading world industries like medicine and politics.

The collaboration between the operational supervisors of NFC technology and the Chrome Browsing Platform could be life and market changing.

What is NFC?

This might be a question many need an answer to before we can go on. The answer is Near Field Communication that allows the transfer of files, documents, and other data between devices equipped with NFC technology within a certain close distance. This transfer of communication is to be visualized as a 2 way street of communications between 2 devices that is not connected to an unreliable internet source so there is less chance of loss of information during the transfer, and the sharing of the information is secure and limited to only these 2 devices until permitted to allow other NFC capable devices to partake in the information sharing.

Chrome and NFC

The initiating and receiving devices both have to change settings to allow for the exchange to occur and this allows for security and safe transfer of information.

So where does the future of this partnership go? Absolutely everywhere is the answer. NFC technology allows tagging or the technology and storage of information to be put into a chip and physically embedded in anything.

As most technology trends, this chips is very very small and could be placed in anything, giving us the ability to put the information for something onto the physical thing and access it using our NFC compatible devices. This would allow for some amazing changes in the data exchange world.

To further allow for understanding, we can share some of these possibilities. You walk into your favorite pizza shop with the giant menu that just keeps growing. Between those paper taped signs on the board and the blackboard letter format, the menu isn't quite as easily read as it used to be.

NFC in Chrome

So you whip out your already NFC capable android device, aka any android cell phone, and you tap it on the data spot on the counter and then becomes accessible; an entire formatted website with all those difficult to read menu options clearly laid out on a easily read app.

Now for a change of scene: there is a doctor on the medical field overseas serving our country as an active duty doctor. Badly injured during battle, this soldier and patient can't communicate what happened or patient symptoms with the doctor.

Luckily, the doctor has an android based tablet ready to go that he taps against the improved dog tag the soldier is wearing and then access is granted; the soldier's entire medical history and bodily status information that allows the doctor to see any and all medical issues and the soldier's current heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels, and brain activity information, all on the screen for the doctor to use to save a life.

With these innovative progressions in technology, these types of partnership could be a big game changer in the world of technological progression and add to a global market that allow us to exchange data in a more connected and quantifiable way with Chrome expecting to launch an in browser means to swipe an NFC tag without the need to separate applications in 2017,
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