Oil Rigs and ERP
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Oil Rigs and ERP

An oil rigs function sounds complex, but its general idea is simple. An oil rig basically drills into the earth until it goes into the sub surface. An oil rig is a very large structure. The goal is to obtain the oil from the crust of the earths surface. This requires time, money and manpower, along with experienced workers.

Day to day operations could include maintenance of the oil rig, and electronic equipment associated with it. This is a big task into itself. The main challenges that are faced is knowing where to drill, keeping ongoing maintenance sustained, and ensuring there are no oil spills in the process.

Oil Rigs software erp fm

The results of that could be catastrophic to the earth, causing irreparable damage that could potentially affect the whole planet.

The roles that there are in order to accomplish such a task are very skilled workers, many times those who are highly educated in engineering, among other specialties. However, they also must be in very good health and strong. The demands that are expected of those who run an oil rig are high in both knowledge, as well as being able to cope with long intensive work.

Task management must display all these attributes and in addition, be able to direct the situation in a manner that is completely accurate and do so confidently.

Oil Rigs system erp fm

ERP systems would assist greatly in such a task. Once in place, all systems pertaining to the oil drill itself could be connected to a computer or tablet of choice. Those systems would then be on automatic features that could be able to tell where the oil could potentially be and once established, exact measurements of the drilling itself could commence.

Every task that needed to be done by each worker could be easily done in this way, each feature being specified to their designated task. For facilities management tasks associated with the oil rig, they too could be managed effectively with the ERP system.

Oil Rigs software cafm

All of this easily accessed by task management, so they know exactly what is going on with the oil rig at all times. Using these features of ERP would maximize the oil rigs function, and ultimately be more accurate and efficient while drilling.

If these things were in place for an oil rig, not only would task management see better results of the task at hand but also would be able to take the information with them as well if needed. All systems could potentially be automatic, giving the specialized workers less of a need to be always at the oil rig at all times.

Schedules could be made and organized to suit the needs of each task worker. The results of doing these things would be a more efficient system for the oil rig. In turn, better results would be seen and less chance for errors.
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