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Online Hotel Reservations ERP

Several accommodation providers use separate systems to manage reservations and facilities, they normally have a booking engine, channel managers, websites and a front desk to manage property. These systems help to lessen the daunting administrative work but cannot handle complicated tasks. They are not so cost-efficient.

Several separate systems require dedicated resources to manage them. It can on the whole be a painful task for a small establishment, that is why it is necessary to have an enterprise resource planning and facilities management solution that integrates different components of operation.

Hotel booking software

Let's discuss the importance of an integrated system designed to improve not only sales but work productivity ...

Updating rates and room availability

These systems provide updated information about room availability and rates making the process take hours to update on multiple websites so as they don't over book themselves. This process comes more to the forefront when bookings are taken over the phone and websites your involved with need to reflect the new booking availability, especially on third party distribution site, luckily though, thee challenge is eliminated with an ERP and facility management software.

If the update process is not fast enough, double bookings occur and hinder expansion to more online travel agencies. Nonetheless, an integrated solution has a single point from which to update rates and booking data is synched. The plus is that you get correct data representation that prevents double bookings

Facilitating the process of rescheduling guests

Without an ERP, the hotel has to find out which of the double-booked guests wants to reschedule or change rooms which makes the process painful and confusing which in turn reflects poorly on the hotel or resort. Moreover, updates to the calendar become slow and put staff behind schedule which wastes time with rescheduling guests, which they don't take kindly too and runs the risk of cancellation by up to 80%.

As a business owner this is where frustration sets in and you start to feel embarrassed and keep on apologizing to guests .... your own brand perception starts to come into question, it becomes an unmanageable situation very fast.

The only way the calendar can be accurate is if your systems talk to each other. It should also enable quick amendment of the booking through drag and drop or through a few clicks. They system should then push the data across your online booking channels.

Updating guest movement details

A system that is not integrated ties the hotel channel manager to his desk because he needs to be there when guests check in online through the hotel website or on third party sites. He then struggles to arrange the schedules.

Backend hotel management

In addition, there are other tasks that need syncing such as cleaning and cooking.

The guests need to be checked-in without delays, and this is complicated without a working software. The information becomes useful when your channel manager, booking engine and front desk system talk to each other.

A system that displays the correct check-in and check-out time helps the hotel organise and plan the day. It saves on cost and enhances productivity to find a system that manages the sales channel.

Your booking engine should integrate with your website and front desk system to manage room availability. The channel manager should also be in this mix. The best way not to think about these complexities is to deploy an ERP and facility management software.

The channel managers should further connect bed and breakfast to current and future channels. It should then connect to other system for online hotel reservations and front desk system. Additionally, the front desk receives updates and uploads new information to other modules. It mainly handles in person and phone booking changes.

In conclusion, an all-in-one solution can transform your business, and make it run efficiently and expand. It helps you give your guests great service from the moment they check-in to the moment they leave.
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