PABX and its use in resource planning
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PABX and its use in resource planning

PABX, short for private automatic branch exchange, is a telecommunication system that connects outside callers with several lines through a single access number. This means that the external caller will dial the number of the server that will automatically connect him to one of the lines connected to it.

On the other hand, internal caller can reach one of the other lines on the server by adding the extensions to the single access number mentioned beforehand. Primarily, PABX is used in call centers or support services.


However, in this text we will consider its use in the ERP setting. Enterprise resource planning, that mainly revolvers around financial planning of company, will naturally use PABX more due to its easy connectivity of the internal lines.

One server can bring together all the lines in the office and create an efficient working environment where every department is well connected. It also puts the outside associates within reach of every department in the company.Since ERP is a very delicate procedure, PABX is important in order to provide the easy access to all the links connected to the project.
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