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Patient Tracking Software

More than ever, hospitals are needing to collect more data on patients. They use patient tracking to improve efficiency, as well as tracking for equipment. Software tracking systems help to reduce wait times and alert doctors to their patients' location. These days, you'll see some hospitals use wireless tablets, while other hospitals use touch screen PCs.

Some patient tracking software will even allow doctors to send text messages to a patient, as well as that patient's family and friends. The greatest feature is that hospital staff can keep track of patients' post-hospital, making sure they attend to follow-up appointments.

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Long-term care facilities and outpatient clinics also use tracking software to monitor room usage and treatments. Nurses in public health use it to keep up on difficult-to-track patients. Patients themselves are also keeping track of their own medical history and can provide print outs to their doctor. Another medical area using tracking software are drug companies. They monitor prescription refills. Although it gives rise to public disagreement, sometimes drug companies gain access to detailed information.

With all of this tracking, hospitals and care facilities should be efficient. However, according to a recent survey, 80 percent of respondents stated their facility still has major congestion. Technology continues to evolve which can explain part of the problem.

However, a large part of the problem is likely human error. these patient tracking systems still depend on human input. Sometimes, caring for patients delays data entry. Although patient care is a priority, focusing on that first can skew results of patient data.

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Technology has made our lives easier, more convenient, and certainly more efficient. But it does come with challenges. As patient tracking software continues to improve, then hospitals may need to continue with upgrades. This can be costly and time consuming. Through patient tracking software, hospitals can utilize a Wi-Fi based Voice-Over-IP. It is a real-time location system that allows staff members to share patient data.

To eliminate manual sign-in, patient tracking software can accurately record check-in times and wait times. A sign-in feature allows a patient to type their name via touch screen.

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This places their name into a queue and the hospital staff is notified on their computer with an audio sound. This is used by clinics, outpatient services, labs, and other healthcare facilities. To run this feature alone, a touch screen monitor can be connected to an existing computer.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) coupled with patient tracking software can collect, store, manage, and interpret patient data. The ERP component can better manage patient records, appointments, equipment, and quality of service. It can also provide alerts and notifications, staff and resource allocation, clinical treatment tracking, procedures, staff reimbursements, and more. There is also advanced reporting functionality that provides the ability to conduct analysis in real-time.
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