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Pharmacy ERP

A pharmacy shop is oftentimes a busy place. It is often flocked with customers who need different medication, and professional advice on how to use these meds. The operations bring about a lot of tasks that have to be carried out in a timely fashion, so as to deliver customer satisfaction through the service offered.

Apart from sales and consultation tasks, pharmacy shops also have to check drugs' expiry dates, describe prescriptions, and monitor their stock. As a result of all these activities to sure enure smooth business operations, a low cost solution like pharmacy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is needed.

Pharmaceutical-based Software

Use of software in pharmacy shop is an effective and efficient solution to the aforementioned hectic tasks. Whereby, if not by use of a computer to solve such errands, one has to increase business costs to achieve this. The latter is not what any business may go for, but the use of a computer is an efficient way. It involves deploying pharmacy software that can manage these tasks.

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Such software is used by all sizes of pharmacy shops to enhance accounts accuracy, manage inventory, and basically to save task time. Moreover, the software aids in effective communication to both employees and customers. In a small pharmacy retail shop, pharmacy software is used to carry out day to day activities such as; Checking drugs, expiry dates, this then notifies when a drug is due its date.

Automated prescriptions are also offered by the software. The electronic prescription does away with the need of a pharmacist being present round the clock to issue prescriptions to customers.

Cash and sales handling operations are also supported by the software.

The software has a user-friendly record feeding interface and it also facilitates patient recall mechanism, which recalls previous customers' purchase of drugs and prescription information.

Despite small pharmacy shops having a small stock, the software can monitor the inventory then notify management to refill their stock. In other scenarios the software monitors the inventory, and when the pre-set inventory item limit is reached, it automatically sends an order request to the supplier.

Speaking of automatic ordering, the thought of efficient communication comes in mind. Yes, this software offers efficient and effective communication to pharmacies. This is enabled through mailing services, bulk messaging capabilities and even video call features. All these features facilitate competent customer relation management in small shops, and foster quality product sales by a pharmacy.

Pharmacy ERP software is an economical solution for also mega pharmacy shops. In this context, the pharmacy software deployed manages large entity information, whereby the entities are spread out in different locations. Thus, such software merits the term: entity resource planning software.

However, this does not mean that the software used in a small shop is not an ERP; it is only that complex tasks are handled by the one used in multinational-level pharmacy firms rather than daily operations control in retail shops.

Anyhow, an ERP enables multinational pharmacy shops achieve chain management from a central point. The software enables the top management communicate strategies to be adopted by their branches all over in a cost effective and reliable manner. ERP facilitates communication through mailing services and bulk messaging capabilities. Video calling services enable online meetings; therefore branch managers can attend meetings from their offices, no need for travelling to the venue.

Roles such as Staff remuneration and appraisal by the Human resource department can also be achieved. This is possible through automated pay-slip processing feature. The feature supports electronic money transfer thus ease of payment from a central point. An ERP also enables the HR to hire or even fire employees without the need of being physically present. Chains' financial account statements can be reconciled accurately by an ERP. This allows reliable and transparent account reports of each branch. This enforces effective management and control of finances therefore organization of the conglomerate is achieved effectively.

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Quality Control

Pharmaceutical production processes directly affect the quality of its products; therefore, relevant measures must be put in place to monitor each stage in the production cycle. Most pharmacy enterprise resource management systems feature Quality Control Module that monitor the quality assurance plans in procuring and manufacturing while generating real-time process scrutiny index for comprehensive review.

The modules' versatility supports autonomous operations for every phase, ranging from receipt and approval of raw materials, across intermediate production, to assessments of finished goods prior to shipment to customers.

Stock Management

Stock Management Module in pharmacy ERP streamlines the procurement of necessary raw materials, packaging resources, assembly substitutes and extra non-inventory materials. It oversees the automation of suppliers linking processes, Supplier Assessment, Supplier Quote Evaluation, Supplier tender processing and award, and billing processes. The stock module is further integrated with production planning and inventory control modules.

Stock Warehousing

Inventory Management Module in pharmacy ERP affords a set of faultless and flexible features tailored to ease the processing and reporting of inventory information. The module amplifies accurate stock level maintenance processes in a warehouse.

For economical stock warehousing, the module is fully equipped with elaborate inventory control features. These features enables reliable establishment of inventory requirements, strategic targeting, as well as proposing replenishment techniques and options. It also provides facilities for item usage monitoring, inventory register and balance reconciliation, and inventory status reports. This helps them maintain appropriate stock levels, build supplier loyalty and maintain accurate inventory records for effective planning.

Competitive Advantage

Prominent Pharmaceutical companies have attained maximum profitability by exploiting the desirable features in ERP software systems. This software provides effective tools for procurement of chemical products, chemical processing, task management, operational schedules, and doorstep customer delivery.

Acknowledging those facts, these companies have initiated heavy technological investments and adjusted their operational structure to adhere to the software's requirements. The key factor here is to attain cost and operational efficiency. Pharmaceutical manufacturer's business success entails adopting this software in resource monitoring, optimizing batch production, improving sales functions, inventory control, procurement, quality assurance, budgeting and financing, and regulatory reporting.

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Importance of adopting ERP and CRM

Most Technological advancements offer entrepreneurs applicable facilities to achieve competitive advantage and business supremacy. ERP and CRM software are effective tools for Pharmaceutical companies and enterprises operational excellence when implemented accordingly.

CRM software feature real-time tools that enable linking more customers,offering best customer service, and keeping track of their complaints, inquiries and demand. Integrating CRM with ERP software means gaining customer loyalty, maximum profitability and ideal HR management.

Every rational Pharmaceutical entrepreneur must define ways to exploit these software fully, since, it's the only way straight to the top. Failure to cope with technology is the first step towards your downfall.
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