Predictive maintenance and line closures
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Predictive maintenance and line closures

Predictive maintenance is the collection of data with the aim of analyzing it in order to prevent potential errors from taking place. Most companies find this type of maintenance efficient as it helps them solve problems in their machinery in time and avoid line closure.

Predictive maintenance and line closures

Line closures with the aim of having impromptu checking prove to be costly since it means that the production time will be interrupted. Predictive maintenance on the other hand, enables the companies to foresee and take care of their anticipated breakdowns and hence production is not interfered with.

Predictive maintenance is often confused with preventive maintenance. While preventive maintenance involves line closures and specified maintenance timeline for error checking to be done, predictive maintenance avoids line closures and is more accurate. Predictive maintenance uses real data to come up with efficient plans for maintenance which proves to be an advantage to the company, financially and operationally. Predictive maintenance poses as an advantage to the companies implementing it as it promotes improved experiences for the customers.

Predictive maintenance

This is because, instead of having customers checking in with the dealers frequently to check for errors especially in the upcoming electric vehicles, the manufacturers can predict the vehicle’s operations and would only require the customer to come when needed. This in turn improves the relationship between the manufacturer and the customer since the customer will feel like the manufacturer is responsible without feeling disturbed with the frequent visits.

Predictive maintenance is also advantageous since it leads to lesser visits for maintenance. Predictive maintenance has been discovered to conserve time and effort. This is because, through predictive maintenance, the manufacturers know the specific components to inspect without having the need to check every component each time. The fact that line closure is not involved adds to the fact that time is used accordingly.
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