Predictive Maintenance In ERP
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Predictive Maintenance In ERP

One of the disasters that befall any type of company is the breakdown of the machinery from simple equipment
to the complex ones. It's worth noting that all these events may prove futile to the company management but when sufficiently maintained and timely avoided could prove to be time and resources saving not only to the company but also to the life span of this machinery.

The ability to timely repair all these machinery is a vital role of any company therefore when timely done could help keep the smooth delivery of services. Below is a detailed description of some of these vital processes that can be implemented.

Predictive maintenance and vibration monitoring

ERP Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is basically used by almost all companies to timely avert any pending danger that could result from machine breakdown in the future.

The aim of predictive maintenance are:

To predict when impending breakdown might occur

Prevent the occurrence of the impending danger

Predictive maintenance, therefore, could act as a vital maintenance strategy. It's worth to note that predictive maintenance could be done using several techniques. However, the chosen technique should be effective at predicting failure and giving sufficient time for averting the condition.

Vibration monitoring is the measurement of movements in the structures and underground using a suitable equipment like a seismograph or other suitable instrument to precisely detect and effectively record the captured data.

It is the most and usual commonly used method in identifying vibration related damages problems in diagnosing them in Reconstruction stages and as well in post construction. Properly done this is extremely helpful to the benefits of the company.

Vibration monitoring is indeed necessary to avert such problems caused by excessive or abnormal vibration like:

Equipment maintenance Software

Reduction of machinery lifespan

Premature and devastating failure

Collapse of machinery components

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance and Vibration monitoring

Greatly reduces lost production time- This would help in the rescheduling in the replacement of the components in the downtime.
Unscheduled downtime may adversely affect the company hence the repairs can be scheduled for repair during unproductive downtime.

Increase the assurance of safety Predictive maintenance and vibration control allow potentially impending danger to be timely
fixed hence creating safer conditions for the employees.

Cut costs on labour When repairs are diagnosed and scheduled it helps in saving a considerable amount of time in repairing just a few components instead of the entire equipment replacement. It would also reduce the frequency of repair hence cutting on the labour costs.

ERP PPM System

Reduces equipment costs and expenses- With the predictive maintenance and vibration control, instead of having to go through the hustle and bustle of replacing the entire machinery, you will easily cut on expenses and costs since repair is made before a major breakdown really occurs.

Greatly increases the company's revenue- Due to less maintenance and timely repair of faulty machinery, repairs would be more efficiently handled and thereby reducing time wastage on an unnecessary replacement.

Enhances service delivery With more improved system maintenance and uninterrupted activities in the company, service delivery would be prompt and no unscheduled interruption would be experienced.

Therefore it is an undisputed fact for all companies to acquire and adopts predictive maintenance and vibration monitoring in order to walk in the paths of successful and most reliable companies in service delivery and customer satisfaction.
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