Project Management for Local Government
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Project Management for Local Government

Project management service for the government with enterprise resource planning, what is significant between these two things being combined into one place.

Let's have a brief explanation about both of this term:


It is a work schedule for an ongoing project, this project involving several steps known as, initiating, executing, controlling, and closing the work for the team (if work as a team).

Project management is created in order to monitor the progress of the ongoing project, this is to ensure there are no wasted cost is being spent, any wasted cost will cause reduction of workforce because project is being held upon budget, if the project couldn’t work with the budget, then the project won’t be profitable.

Even with strategic project management still, they must know how to work under the certain situation and certain circumstances. In other words, project management’s services are the first defensive line for any collateral damage that might occur.

ERP Government

Usually, project management service will be established when the project to be managed is worth millions and needed to complete in within the timeframe given without any other on site troubles.


Enterprise resource planning or ERP is much simpler word could be classified as business apps, this application is being designed to handle the large business transaction for the company automated.

ERP also is being used widely in products development and marketing, as the apps of ERP modules have a complete data of the targeted clients or consumers that will be a potential buyer of the products.

The ERP modules consist of, product planning, materials purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing and human resources.

In other words, ERP has a complete data in its modules and can predict or forecast the upcoming trends that will benefit the company decision maker.


As we come to know that, these two different things would give great advantages when it's being used together correctly, there are pros and cons on anything ever invented by humans.

Project management service is still using the human workforce, thus, human credibility is still needed to ensure the project that being handle are working according to plan.

Local Government Enterprise Resource Planning

While Entrepreneur resources planning is more based on data and facts which will suggest into the most logical decision to make in that current situation.

The clash could be a disaster if not comply perfectly. There must be a deeper connection between the two methods in order it to achieve its highest potential and most reliable decision to rely on according to the situation.

However this two would be a great team as tell before, a project management service could use the information provided by entrepreneur resource planning for a better decision making for the ongoing project.

The project manager should know how to tackle any constraint happened during the period of the ongoing project based on the data information provided by entrepreneur resource planning suggested. However, the project manager must still be able to differentiate what must be done and what should not be done.

Any business of projects decision should not be handled only based on predictions and data information, to maximize profits, the morality of employees must be taken into accounts because a project will never be as good as the employees do not have a good commitment.

Project Management local government

A project manager should be aware human compassion should be the first priority as every ongoing is involving humans, entrepreneur resource planning will point out the most potential investor for the project manager to approach in order to create a link to wide contacts.

Entrepreneur resource planning or ERP is just not a tool for processing information for the decision maker, it has other functions too, ERP could avoid any unnecessary loophole in the project management accounting. In other words, ERP tools will help to decrease a blue collar crime that could be committed by an irresponsible individual.

It’s can be called as protective tools. There are pros and cons on every human creation, although ERP would be a great tool to measure the profitability of a company but it could never measure the credibility of ongoing project accurately and this is where the project manager role comes in, this is where the combination of human and technology come to the highest peak of achievement
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