Pupil Support Services and ERP
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Pupil Support Services and ERP

In order to help students attain their maximum health and academic potential, pupil support services staff must at all cost address; emotional, physical, social, cognitive and behavioral needs of the students. This clearly shows that there are a lot of student needs that must be addressed in efforts to develop their potential. For instance, students with disability cannot be handled in a similar manner with other students. This requires the time and resources input to help the students develop their variant talents.

Consequently, there is a lot of information and data being generated all along. In fact, gathered data and information need to be stored securely for future reference. This data and information are important in guiding the students in their development. On the other hand, the whole process of guiding the students in attaining their potentials involves employees, who require proper management.

Pupil support services activities

The whole process of managing students involves a lot of activities that require proper planning and coordination. To make it easy for the involved employees to carry out various activities, the involvement of enterprise resource planning (ERP) is essential. Enterprise resource planning involves the use of software to integrate different data and information sources to a central point.

Pupil Support Services and ERP

Some of the activities of the pupil support services team are:

• Offering counseling services to the students.

• Conflict resolution among students

• Teaching students skills regarding goal-setting that are very critical for their success.

• Assisting teachers to organize and tailor their instructions accordingly.

• Helping students with special needs like those with any form of disability.

• School nurses help students with issues relating to their daily health.

All this is in the effort to provide a positive learning environment for students’ developments. This is achieved by ensuring that pupils acquire the best support necessary for their development. The major focus is on improving pupils’ behavior as well as their academic achievements.

How ERP helps Pupils support services team

In a learning institution, there are a lot of activities that take place every day. These activities as already stated generate information and data that require proper storage for easy access. Technological development in the 21st century has made this very easy. Through enterprise resource planning software (ERP) a learning institution is capable of improving the management of its resources both capital and human.

Having said that let us look at the benefits of enterprise resource planning software to pupils support service team in a learning institution.

a) Enhanced Data security

Through the use of login username and password, valuable data can be secured. Information regarding students’ health, behavior among others needs to be kept in a secure place. Additionally, the information should not be accessible to everybody in the support team. Only the necessary personnel should have access to the information. Now, this is made possible through technology (software). Actually, if valuable data and information are not secured properly, it can result to sabotage of institutions management as well as destroying its reputation.

b) Ease of access to information from anywhere

Technology is undoubtedly one of the greatest revolutions of the 21st century. Indeed, technology has turned the world into a small village. You are able to share or access information from different locations throughout the universe.

Enterprise resource planning software enables employees to access and sent important information to their workmates as well as their employers even when they are not within the school compound. This has improved the attainment of pupils’ development goals of the institution.

Pupil Support Services

c) Enhanced information sharing

The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a substantial role in improved information sharing. Student’ information can be shared between the employer and employees very easily. There is no need of moving from one place to another within the administration block. However, information is sent through the internet from one computer to another. On the other hand, the time spent in conveying the required data or information is reduced significantly. All this is possible through enterprise resource planning (ERP).

d) Enhanced students welfare management

The ease of retrieval of student information from the school system plays a significant role in managing the pupils’ welfare. Information regarding student health history, behavior, performance trend, desired career, helps the pupil support services personnel in helping the students in the best way possible.

Through the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software student data and information is kept secure for long as long as the student is in the school. This makes it easy for the pupil support services team to monitor and evaluate the progress of every student in the school.

ERP Pupil

e) Improved financial records keeping

Information regarding student’s financial records requires secure storage for future reference. In order to ensure that no pupil is expelled from school inappropriately accurate information regarding their finances is required. This is made possible through enterprise resource planning software.

The enterprise resource planning software ensures that every financial detail is recorded and kept secure within the system. In fact, only authorized personnel can access the information through the set passwords. This prevents alteration of the information for whatever reason. This way the institution is capable of safeguarding its reputation.

Bottom Line

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an important tool in improving the performance of pupil support services team. Through the ERP software the pupil support services team is capable of; Keeping information secure, sharing information with ease, accessing information from anywhere, as well as improving the management of student needs. Conclusively, enterprise resource planning is the solution in delivering credible services in any learning institution
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