The purpose of Core Manufacturing in ERP
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The purpose of Core Manufacturing in ERP

In core manufacturing, automation is of great importance when it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning with the output at every point in time is expected to arrive at a particular quality. ERP enables mass production to be possible. It is upon this principle that core manufacturing is founded.


Any device that gives shape to most items we can think about is known as a core, From plastic bottles, to waste paper baskets and engine blocks. The process involves casting and molding to manufacture internal cavities that determine the shape of an object. Some examples are sand casting and injection molding.

In sand casting you may cast the engine block of a car. An example of that is the V8 engine of General Motors. With the injection mold, you an get plastic materials like waste paper baskets and so on.

This process is achieved because the core on most occasions is a disposable item which is destroyed in order to bring it out of the piece.

In the ERP setting, the automation process ensures that the right temperature and every necessary factor is at the level it is supposed to be to get a desired output. ERP is the reason why the core can be manufactured in the first instance.

Core Manufacturing in ERP


- CONFIGURATION FOR COMPLEX PRODUCT: Each product requires its own design. For instance, a water bottling company may need a design for its 1-litre can and another for its 2-litre can. They may want different shapes for each one, probably for their customers to be able to easily know which one is which.

So this feature will allow for different types of complex cores to be designed. This is also why a quality ERP is key. With this feature the production department can also know what can be manufactured and what can not.

- ADVANCED SCHEDULING AND PLANNING: This ERP feature is designed to save everyone's time. When a design is submitted for an injection mold for instance, this feature should be able to calculate how long it will take to get the core ready. This way it can be scheduled with the customer when to pick up their core.

This leaves a happy customer who does not go and wait forever without knowing when a core will be ready. On the part of the customer, this feature of scheduling when a core will be ready will also help the customer to make a plan of his or her own too on when to start using the core produced.

- MANAGEMENT OF MATERIALS AND INVENTORY: This feature promotes the smooth running of a business. There is nothing as heartwarming as being able to keep track of inventory. Without this feature chances are that an inventory may be overstocked at some times and under stocked at other times.

Production may also be delayed if at a point in time, an unexpected shortage occurs because inventory was not managed properly. This ability to calculate and monitor inventory is a plus for ERP.

- IMPROVED EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE: This feature makes it easy to use. There is nothing as frustrating as operating a complex system. This feature makes it easy for any employee operating it to use. The simplicity ensures that an IT expert is not necessarily needed before it can be operated.

- MOBILE SOLUTIONS: This feature will ensure the cutting of cost without undermining performance. A warehouse personnel connecting with an ERP system with the use of a mobile will fully automate the business process. Like we all know, automation ensures that cost is cut to shore up an organization's profits.

Core Manufacturing


- STORAGE: Without core manufacturing, it will be impossible to have the different shapes of items we do see today. The bottle of groundnut oil and the the engine oil can are just a few examples. Core manufacturing realizes that different shapes need to be made to be able to serve manufacturers better.

With ERP it has been achieved. There are no limitations to the shape of items that can be produced.

- DRAFT INTOLERANCE: There are certain features that do not tolerate draft in manufacturing. Without core manufacturing these would have been a waste, However, these features that do not tolerate draft have become useful because of core manufacturing.

- MOLD INTEGRATION: It serves the purpose of providing details that ordinarily can not be accepted in a mold or core-less casting.

- PERMEABILITY: The reason why core is used is because it has a high rate of permeability. It is the rate at which it allows gas to escape that ensures that different shapes of objects can be produced. It does not hold back the gas which may in turn be too hot and not allow for an object to appear the way it was designed to be.

ERP Core Manufacturing

- SMOOTH FINISH: This is another purpose that core serves. It is not just enough to design an object and manufacture it. It is also of essence that the object has a smooth finish. Imagine what it would look like to have a rough bottle of water. The ability to allow for a smooth finish of an object is a good purpose served.

- FRIABILITY: The purpose for using a core is to help in the production of an object and not to be a part of it. This is one purpose that it serves. While it is part of the molding, it however weakens when the mold that was cast begins to cool. Eventually, it removes easily during shakeout.

Core manufacturing has been of great value to the life of man. Now it is easy to cast or mold different shapes of objects. Even the V8 engine of General Motors is a product of core manufacturing. All these were made possible because of Enterprise Resource Planning Software that provides features that enables scheduling. Most importantly, it is easy to operate, not requiring an IT staff to be present. ERP allows for cost to be controlled by making automation possible. Core manufacturing with the use of ERP will ensure that more objects that will benefit mankind can be produced.
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