Ransomware and Cloud Services
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Ransomware and Cloud Services

Ransomware is a type of malware or Trojan which encrypts needed files that a user may have. There will be a demand to pay a ransom in order to have the files decrypted by the individual who attacked the user. If paid, the files may or may not be decrypted. There is no guarantee that such a source would adhere to the demands in any way.

This is a very malicious software which should be taken very seriously. If it has occurred, proper authorities should be contacted. It is a crime that needs to be documented.

IT cloud virus protection ERPFM

A cloud is a source of data space used by many to store large amounts of data, such as files, photos or any other information. It is very useful for a business, or anyone else who requires to store a number of files in a digital manner.

Nobody knows how big exactly the cloud is. But it is a huge trend with real merit and is utilized by many businesses over the entire planet including us here at ERP:FM. With the popularity however, also comes a risk for problems, such as ransomware.

A user of the cloud can be hacked and information taken. This can be a difficult problem to resolve. In some cases, there is no real solution once attacked.

IT cloud ransomware

When using the cloud, a highly recommended suggestion is to use the cloud services offered for it. Cloud services offer security and piece of mind for potential attacks online. In addition there is software as a service (saas) on the cloud which can also be utilized.

These type of services help a great deal for any business. They keep it safe and overhead costs low. It will reduce the chances of ransomware significantly and for these reasons be quite beneficial to the user.
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