Real Estate Facility Management
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Real Estate Facility Management

Real estate companies should be ones that have had facility management systems and software put into place from the very beginning of their formation. The bigger the real estate company and the larger the property portfolio they are in charge of the greater their need for having facility management system. Without any kind of doubt real estate companies will always find advantages in using facility management systems, infect it?s the most essential part of the business.

When it comes down to the buying, selling, and leasing of commercial and residential properties a great deal of information needs to be gathered and used. The management teams of real estate companies need such information to be readily at hand to make the best informed business decisions while other members of staff may also need details to carry out their roles as well. In that respect it makes a whole lot of sense that software like CAFM facility management components would be employed to record, file, and use such data as and when required.

CAFM can share information

It makes for a more responsive and proactive type of company management when correct filing is adopted. Ideally real estate companies should know what is included in all of the properties they are responsible for buying, selling, and leasing on behalf of the current owners. After all things included in the sale or lease should be at the property, and real estate companies should know exactly where things should be and where they actually are located.

Before real estate companies add any properties to their portfolios they should have an inventory of all objects inside of the property. Inventories (Assets) are an important part of facilities management, especially if real estate companies have to replace anything that is missing, or fix anything that is broken. Such lists are also important for tenants as they could have to pay for things that are missing, or things they have broken. Property buyers and tenants will request that all missing objects are replaced so it is in the interests of the real estate agents to double check that all items are still in the properties they are meant to be in. Companies do not want to pay for things that should still be there. A fully up to date facility management system will keep track of everything that is the responsibility of the real estate companies.

Real estate property knowledge

Another advantage of using CAFM is that all issues with each property within a portfolio are recorded and can be referred back to if there are further developments or incidents with any particular property. The software would show real estate companies and the respective property owner what they need to know about each property, which in turn makes the management of property portfolios easier to arrange and organize things, especially useful in urgent or emergency situations.

Quite simply, the larger the company the greater the need for fully functional facility management systems.

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