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Real Estate Management Software

Real estate management software requires leads and contacts, all of which needs to be stored in a software system, like an enterprise resource planning solution.

As a qualified software provider for real estate requirements, our ERP systems are able to be intuitive, easily navigable, and they are based in the cloud for accurate and immediate file storing and file sharing. What's even better, is that ERPs have mobility through apps that are fitted to iPhones, iPads, Androids, Smartphones and other devices. Enterprise resource planning solutions are customizable for real estate facilities management, as well as leasing and renting data.

The software modules can automate real estate marketing, sales tasks, and real time tracking. Our real estate software system enables commercial or residential realtors to track various types of property and other processes associated with real estate space assignment, management, property acquisitions, real estate disposals, incoming rental charges, grounds maintenance, and many other features and functions.

Bringing together buyers and sellers is now an easier feat with ERP software solutions. As an innovative management tool, ERP solutions can easily be customized for each individual operation. Their basic benefits to enhance real estate processes, includes the following:

- An accurate overview of your company's financial situation
- Cash flow data
- Building maintenance information
- Real time processing of invoices
- Up-to-date of property sales

Normally, the standard property management company has to operate several different software solutions or research sites to help manage their business. A cloud-based real estate solution is fully integrated, thus eliminating errors that could occur duplicating information from one system to another.

A real estate management system can also include billing, financials, leasing and renting calculations, contract management, property and real estate sales, calculate maintenance services and fees, as well as to generate an invoice proposal that is used for the final invoicing and so much more.

Solution sfor real estate software can be designed for a multi office real estate business or for an owner-operator business. Features in the different solutions will vary, but the basic idea is to provide you with the management tools needed to run an efficient business and to close more deals.

Typical real estate software carries the following features and modules:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Real estate is based on a brokering relationship between buyers and sellers. A customer relationship management module provides a centralized repository to track all contact and customer information in a format that gives users better marketing coordination. Many CRM solutions easily integrate e-mail and social media functions to help design marketing campaigns.


Back-office accounting features are provided to help automate and control all financial management processes. Accounting modules can be customized to suit varied information for general ledger consolidations, accounts payable transactions, asset depreciation, and bank reconciliations, all of which enables you to understand your rates of return and your cash flow data.

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting modules from real estate software options can assist in securing this information by tracking your sales cycle accurately, which will help you turn your prospects into completed sales.


Commissions are a nice incentive in real estate. However, commission posting the old fashion way introduced delays, mistakes, and confusion. Modern real estate software can customize commission calculations with payouts to federal tax forms for each employee.

Internet Integration

Real estate businesses can receive the ability to publicize properties that are current on the market, including any MLS search features that will appear through online searches.


Realtors have a lot on their plate and are juggling many different appointments. Scheduling programs is now a thing of the past with a modern day real estate software system. These systems allow for an integrated and consolidated scheduling resource that promotes efficiency and helps to prevent problems like double bookings or missed appointments.

An enterprise resource planning system can also customize reports with information extracted directly from a database field. You have the ability to save reports into a template feature that enables users to manage large amounts of documents. This information can then be forwarded to multiple communication channels without the prospect of errors.

All contracts and service tasks can be attached to a specific rental or leasing project with costs, revenues, budgeting, and cash flow analysis. Rental calculations can be generated automatically based on the ERP's built-in real estate library and calendar. Also, facilities managers and property owners can generate what and how they need rental contracts, building plans, schematics, property rates and updated information on new locations. We will easily train users how to select any of these functions and how to apply them across different programs as needed.

Various levels of real estate is all about capital investments with many challenges that further involve project planning, project costs, and the execution of collaborating with specific suppliers and sub-contractors. Accurate data is definitely required in real time so that your operating income is not lessened.

All ERP software systems are so flexible that it can be customized to match all lease agreements for multiple tenants and multiple units per lease. Using a system that can give property owners the precise information needed to remain profitable is a rewarding experience, especially if it will help you keep costs down.

Property owners, real estate managers, and developers, no doubt, already have a software system in place, but our experts can layer an enterprise resource planning software management solution within your existing desktop applications. The introduction of an ERP software system can replace many different independent applications, eliminating the need for external interfaces. ERPs with a cloud-based system only requires minimal training, especially since this software system is so user-friendly with powerful accounting and reporting modules.

Add-ons are available for an ERP rental or leasing systems for facilities management operations, which includes the following:

- Tax management features
- Payment processing
- Rent tracking
- Insurance management features
- Billing features
- Portfolio management features.

As your software experts for the real estate industry of all sizes, to keep you relevant and ahead of your competition, we can help you set up the right software tools. We can help you operate more efficiently and quicker with social media integration and collaborative tools at your fingertips.

Our software specialists will work to better understand your real estate structure to provide the best ERP software components to help you locate the right solutions that will address the issues that you are currently experiencing.

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