Recipe and Formula-Based Manufacturing ERP System
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Recipe and Formula-Based Manufacturing ERP System

Are you in a recipe and formula-based manufacturing business such as food and beverages, beauty and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemical? These businesses can be very fulfilling and profitable,however,as scale of operations increases,challenges too increase making it difficult to closely monitor the various stages of production process.

If your company needs proper management of formula,multiple measurement units and quality controls,think about investing in an ERP manufacturing software.Read on to learn more about this software.

Recipe and Formula-Based Manufacturing ERP System

What is recipe and formula-based manufacturing?

Formula refers to the materials required to make the final product while the recipe is simply the route and instructions on how to use the materials in order to manufacture the final end product.

Recipe and formula-based manufacturing involves configuring the production equipments to ensure basic requirements, such as the ideal temperature and mixing time, are observed.To facilitate this,an ERP software is merged with the manufacturing processes software to ensure smooth operations.The ERP Manufacturing software performs vital duties including;

Quick and efficient processing of clients orders.This is vital in ensuring enhanced customer-company relations. which goes a long way in ensuring that batch numbers can easily be traced and ensure that FDA requirements are met.

Labeling of products appropriately

Managing inventory.This ensures constant and reliable supply of all the inputs

Costing of the manufacturing process and eventual product cost.This ensures that all considerations are looked into and the most convenient prices decided thus reducing chances of overpricing or under pricing.

Formula-Based Manufacturing

Companies with larger scales of operation requires ERP manufacturing software with more sophisticated duties such as;

Optimization of transport and logistics matters.

Tracking of serial numbers for different products.

Improved management of warehouses and disaster recovery measures.

Improved collection of data through automated processes

Measuring multiple units and appropriate costing and pricing.

Proper quality analysis as ERP will be linked to lab processes

Features of an ideal ERP manufacturing software

-Should allow ingredient-based instructions as well as the allowance to scale up or down depending on the prevailing demand of the product.

-Ability to control intermediary processes, ingredient level
yields, and private label needs. The
software should manage operations and ensure great flexibility and scalability.

-Must report nutrients composition as percentage per serving.When the ERP is dealing with food and drinks,it is important to report calories,proteins,starch,fiber etc in a given mass or volume of food or drink.

-Ensure that the recommended limits of ingredient's mass per given volumes of chemicals are adhered to.

-Must deal effectively with multiple measuring units. In formulations,proper measure of units that change with changes in environment ,such as the pH, is necessary.

-ERP has to ensure that the production of both the final product and co -products is maximized .The co-products could be sold by the side and should therefore not be wasted.

-Should ensure proper product grading and pricing.The best grades should be priced relatively higher than other lower grades while still maintaining the integrity of the company and the product.


Benefits of recipe and formula-based ERP system

-Ensure proper production planning.This will provide reliable materials and capacity planning.It will maximize the utilization of resources and proper communication on matters related to production.Consequently,customer satisfaction will be enhanced.

-The software helps in making important decisions such as when to produce what ,where to produce it and the quantities to be produced.

-Makes it easy for companies to determine the approximate cost roll ups.

-Ensures proper material planning.This helps the management in making plans based on the market demands and available materials.It also helps in determining the amount of ingredients and other vital supplies required and the exact date they are required.

-Helps in management of recipe and formula.Companies manage the required resources in each manufacturing stage by the use of recipe and formula management.

-It offers protection to clients and brand with traceability solutions.This is by ensuring effective tracking of products from suppliers to the final end users.

-Ensures efficient utilization of company's resources and improvement in capital assets

-Improves the decision making from an informed point.This in turn improve performance,contains cost and enhance quality

-Improves inventory management to allow for accurate information in real time.This ensures reduced cost of manufacturing,easier marketing and higher product quality

-Ensures easier compliance with regulatory requirements through automation of charge back validation process.

Recipe and formula-based manufacturing ERP is definitely a software that significantly improves the efficiency of production in your company.It saves you on cost and ensures that vital decisions made in the company are well-informed.

Consequently, this software has potential of raising your net profits and make you a happier entrepreneur.If you are struggling with inefficiencies in production processes,it is the high time you considered this software.The ideal software for you.
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