RFID Asset Tracking System
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RFID Asset Tracking System

Apart from tracking capital assets like tools and machinery, forward thinking coordinated by facility research, reveal that RFID can also be used to comprehensively manage assets, making users to achieve even more RIO. With RFID in place, users can easily locate the exact place where specific capital assets are stored at any given time.

This post will anchor on describing the RFID in terms of its capabilities against other asset tracking devices such as NFC and GPS Units. But first, let’s revisit facilities management for tracking assets, to understand what it is.

RFID Asset Tracking

We all understand the tasks that managers usually have, in controlling all the assets under their care. This can be a hectic job to carry it on by themselves; they need a system to help them do this effectively. For a smooth operation, therefore, the facilities managers usually make use of real-time records, to understand how to implement things such as maintenance, warranties and to control theft of facilities.

Without a proper system to cater for all these, several assets can easily be forgotten. Guess you won’t want to be a victim to this as a manager. That is why RFID systems came in place. They enable managers to have that ability to effectively track assets, and thus the name facilities management for tracking assets.

Why RFID is useful:

Generally, the RFID enables managers to be at an upper hand to electronically track and identify objects, through tags attached to them. Using RFID, the movement of assets will be easy; all the assets can be counted in seconds.

The system has a scanner enabled, which helps it to count assets automatically, by scanning the tags attached to the assets without even the asset being visible by the scanner, and therefore, multiple tags can be noted in seconds simultaneously. This is called, faster authentication of assets.

ERP Asset Tracking

The RFID also gives good and increased information and so increases the convenience to store assets. Besides, the RFID also helps the movement of assets by giving the manufacturers enough information that can be used for machine and equipment maintenance.

The RFID helps the manufacturers to assess easily valuable data in regards to which machine has undergone repairs and when did that take place. If this happens, the managers can easily plan to produce the assets and help curb costly production breaks.
Advantages of RFID over NFC


RFID is that process by which, items can uniquely be identified using a radio wave. An RFID system, usually comprises a reader, a tag and an antenna.

The truth is, an RFID is a perfect system, as opposed to NFC because the NFC is created as a subset of the RFID. This means that it limits the communication range to something close to four or ten centimetres. that means RFID can track longer than the NFC.
The RFID also has a very small tag, which gives its power and so it can easily be hidden away or be neatly used for the benefit of the user. As opposed to NFC, the RFID does not depend on a direct line of sight, to read information. RFID has variety ways of uses, as compared to the NFC, which only becomes useful in areas that need security.

RFID is the best tracker available

Asset Tracking Software

RFID is the best way to track assets as opposed to GPRS or any other traditional tracker. RFID uses battery technology while the GPS uses satellite and cellular; therefore, it is a web based technology, hence limiting its usefulness.

The GPS’s communication is longer, as compared to the RIFD it is also less costly to use, as compared to the GPS. The RFID relies on tag sizes that vary in size, while the GPS depends on large or medium tag size.

With the above in place, we can agree that RFID is better of, or stands to be on the better ground when it comes to tracking your assets than any other available trackers. That is why almost all companies and organisations that have so far realised the functionality of this system are all depending on it for communication. Why should you wait! You also need to join us and make tracking your assets using the modern RFID system a reality to you.
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