Roles of ERP In the Electronic Safety Management System
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Roles of ERP In the Electronic Safety Management System

Job safety remains an essential concern for all of us no matter where we work. Apparently, many business entities are prioritizing the staff safety and security because we spend the better part of our time in the workplace. Illnesses and injuries on the job may hinder the employee productivity, consequently resulting in a low profitability. For this reason, it is in any organization's best interest to guarantee the occupational health and safety of its staff.

Safety Management System Explained

Abbreviated normally as SMS, Safety Management System encompasses a series of procedures and policies that organizations use to minimize illnesses and accidents among employees. An effective Safety and Health Management System is a decisive factor when it comes to cutting down the severity and extent of work-related illnesses and injuries. If properly administered in the workplace, Safety Management System results in reduced injury-related expenses.

Roles of ERP

Organizations that adopt the recommended Safety Management System while simultaneously complying with worker health and safety standards are destined for greatness. Electrical contractors need to put in place an effective Electronic Safety Management System that examines and explains safe work activities in the organization.

Electronic Safety Management System and ERP

Research exhibits that successful adoption of a safety and health management system in an organization depends on the level of commitment from employees and the management at large. It also relies a great deal on an adequate dedication of resources and strategies, such as Enterprise Resource Planning, which will help in designing and enforcing the said system.

Although each safety and management system appears different and unique, key components often encompass inspections, hazard assessment, worker training, incident reporting systems and measuring tools and techniques. Electronic Safety Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning form one of the best safety and health programs involving every facet of the organization.

ERP itself has a role to cultivate and instill a safety culture, which thwarts accidents for workers and ameliorates the bottom line for managers. Overall, when Enterprise Resource Planning is merged with the best Electronic Safety Management software in an organization, everyone absolutely wins.

Roles of ERP in Electronic Safety Management System

Enterprise Resource Planning makes it easier to plan and manage various safety functions within the business organization. It enables a business to utilize a system of integrated applications in managing its diverse business operations. It also automates different back office functions and integrates all the facets of an operation - including safety management and planning.

The ESMS in conjunction with ERP will make storage and distribution of safety information easier while ensuring the purported data is retrievable for auditing purposes. It turns your ideas, plans, as well as good intentions into actions. The following are roles of Enterprise Resource Planning in Safety Management System:

Risk and Hazard Identification

ERP puts in place a smooth and effective reporting and integration of hazards to enable a business to create a risk profile. Once these hazards have been identified, it is easy to eliminate them by putting in place effective preventative controls that eliminate incidents. Enterprise Resource Planning notifies when hazards need to be reviewed, and enables the management to put a strategy in place to make sure that it is properly controlled. It allows all forms of hazards to be monitored and connected with different aspects of the management system.

Electronic Safety Management System

Providing Eco-Friendly Work Environment

Enterprise Resource Planning not only verifies compliance with regulations and pertinent laws but also provides a safe, secure and Eco-friendly work environment. It modifies procedures and plans along with corporate programs to suit specific local requirements and circumstances of individual facilities.

ERP integrates a recurring improvement process that consists of a Plan-Do-Check-Act strategy in order to address occupational and environmental health and safety concerns. These comprise:

- Planning

- Environment, Health and Safety Policy

- Monitoring and Corrective action

- Implementation and Operation

These are interrelated activities representing a system that emphasizes on prevention and continual improvement. Objectives of these activities take into account legislative requirements along with information concerning health and safety risks of electrical contractors, employees and visitors in the workplace.

Guaranteeing Workplace Safety and Incident Investigations

Incident reporting remains a crucial module within any ERP and safety management tool. Whenever an incident takes shape, it should be investigated promptly and measures put in place to avoid its re-occurrence. ERP is important for planning and structuring the investigation to avoid blaming individuals for whatever has occurred. It also analyzes the root cause of the incident, and then links it to the utmost safety management software to thwart future incidents.

ERP  Safety Management System

Inspections and Audits

Enterprise Resource Planning and Electronic Safety Management System will also work hand in hand to carry out inspections and audits to gauge the overall performance of a company. Preventative measures are subsequently put in place before any incident materializes. ERP configures the purported inspections and audits to meet specific company needs and demands. It also notifies when it is time to carry out investigations and schedules recurrent inspections to ensure compliance.

It goes without saying that Enterprise Resource Planning brings about an evolutionary process in Electronic Safety Management System. It sets out the roles, responsibilities and actions for different personnel and agencies involved in dealing with employee health and safety in the workplace. Overall, ERP is a structured process that compels businesses and organizations to better manage the employee health and safety in the workplace. Key personnel must, therefore, have an easy access to the Enterprise Resource Planning at all times.
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