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Easy Schedule

A pickup task is something which is made available to a member of your internal team or supplier to make for an easy schedule for tasks. The purpose of a pickup task is to allow an operator or planner to provide tasks easily that need completing without going into the stage of scheduling them to do the specific task at a specific time. This method is suitably more useful for ground maintenance companies who have a desire for their team to complete tasks on any given day but don't particular mind in what order the tasks are completed. Additionally our Easy Schedule ERP Task Pickup allows the contacts who are selected to pickup the task from their mobile device, once it has been picked up by someone it was made available too, it will no longer be available to anyone else avoiding the duplication of tasks.
Easy Schedule
For more information about scheduling review Call Center Scheduling Software, Task scheduling with ERP, Scheduling Algorithms: What You Need To Know and Project Planning and Scheduling using ERP.

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