Service Level Agreement in Facilities Management
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Service Level Agreement in Facilities Management

Service level agreements and how they are met or not met by businesses are an essential component of the ERP:FM package, they determine a mass of actions based on SLA's being not met and met.

With service level agreements (SLA) they are commonly used in both the private and the public sectors, as a means of ensuring the highest possible standards for the prompt as well as effective delivery of goods and services. SLA's are often drawn up to ensure that important goods and services are provided to people that are not always capable of looking after themselves, or who are vulnerable in certain ways.

Service level agreement calendar

Any business that has a service level agreement will or should always provide what it is contracted to provide, this is where ERP and facilities management enters the scene to ensure conditions are being met. The managers of companies are best advised to use facility management to make they are serving their customers fully by tieing operations into task management to ensure the best possible service level is being met in line with contractual obligations.

Customers regard SLA's as being important as it is their assurance that they will receive all the goods and services promised to them in such agreements, and often a key point of why they signed the contract in the first place. For most customers these agreements are sought after because they know that companies that sign such contracts have to provide goods and services within set timescales or face fines. Customers are often aware that businesses providing services have to meet certain standards too, so they will be more confident of receiving a high standard of service, or goods that work properly or are in great condition.

Managing your SLA

For all businesses committed to providing goods and framework of a service level agreement using facility management software simply has to be done. The SLA component of the system is the best method of assuring that what has to be done, or has to be delivered, is done so to the required standards and on time, and in the event it isn't met then the correct flags are raised within the system itself to highlight the poor performance areas.

ERP:FM can be set up with all the details of the customers that are covered by the terms of the SLA. The consequences of missing delivery timescales or standard levels can be terrible, businesses can be fined, have their contracts terminated not to mention harmful publicity, with ERPFM we make sure that you never miss an issue or a upcoming or near overdue event.
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