Take advantage of our ERP Advice system to set up your business correctly
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Take advantage of our ERP Advice system to set up your business correctly

It is a complicated affair when it comes to first getting started with your ERP installation, you have a checklist of things you need to do immediately to start juicing the system so you can start getting back that all-important intellect, but then you realize that something's still aren't clicking. With ERP FM, we have built into our ERP system the ability to give you an ongoing advice column that runs a fast and smart analysis on your system that can then advice you on anything you might be missing against the following:

- Customers
- Suppliers
- Contacts
- and Service Lines

Within our ERP Advice system you will be provided with a complete analysis of your system setup ongoing, that will provide your company with a wealth of informative information to make sure that every gap is plugged. This all means you will no longer have to folk out for expensive consultation and so called 'ERP Professionals' to come into your business to get you started, within our ERP Advice system you will be able to get your company functioning like clockwork within minutes. The advice system concentrates on the following criteria's and provides detailed advice and summary under each:

Customers without service

Customers without service, which in turn recommends the closet supplier and at what distance said supplier is from the customer requiring the service line. This all makes for a quick and easy review section so you then have a sheet of actions which need to execute to get your customers services running.

Enterprise resource planning suppliers not supporting companies

Suppliers not supporting customers

Now you may have 60 suppliers in your Enterprise Resource Planning system, and each one of those has a coverage region or building approval for your customers, but as your business grows and customers change and evolve you're supplier's setup changes. This section is dedicated to giving you an easy to read run down on which suppliers in your system exist but do not intersect with your customers, rendering their existence somewhat useless.

We have observed in our time working with businesses that company owners spend a considerable amount of time and money on keeping their suppliers updated, what our 'suppliers not supporting' tab provides is the ability to have a run down on who isn't currently active due to incorrect parameters, and on top of that we directly bake into all task management an overview of suppliers who are not supporting your customers due to incorrect coverage's.

ERP Advice Business Map

Unsupported Service Lines

After you have added your service lines into your ERP system, it is important that you start getting those service lines supported by suppliers, this tab provides you with information regarding service lines that simply have no company providing. All of this is important to know as you may have a customer who you are providing a service line for but you don't actually have any suppliers or internal staff offering that line, which indicates a shortcoming and that you need to take immediate action upon.

Internal Employees

The way in which ERP FM function is by splitting out your internal employees (or contacts if you prefer to call them that) and your suppliers. This section of the advice system concentrates on telling you if you are missing important information about your employee's payroll information, service lines, physical address or work hours. All the before mention are integral to be inputted if you are to run a successful system.

ERP Screenshot

... and finally Companies Advice

Companies advice works much in the same spirit as the Internal Employee advice section, we have observed in all our time in Enterprise Resource Planning that if you do not set your supplier and customers company profiles up correctly you are going to have a much tougher time. In this section we offer quick and punchy advice with regards to the companies physical address, invoice address, coverage, work hours and service lines; if any of these attributes are missing you will hear about it and be promoted to act upon it.

In summary, if you take on the advice offered by our system your Enterprise Resource Planning and Facilities Management experience with ERP FM will reach its maximum potential immediately, our system works in the manner that we offer up friendly advice at every opportunity with our unique blend of guidance and unlimited scope so that you never have to feel inadequate by asking for help (although do note we do offer 24/7 support with all our product range, directly baked into the installation) on something that makes no natural sense to your and most importantly you will save a fortune on not having to hire expensive Enterprise Resource Planning specialists.
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