Task scheduling with ERP
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Task scheduling with ERP

An ERP system, also known as an Enterprise Resource Planning system is a very useful tool that business owners and staff in managerial roles should make the most out of. It can really help to improve the overall running of their companies as each and every task that any employee undertakes can be effectively and efficiently scheduled

An Enterprise Resource Planning system allows all users integrated with the technology to set up extremely detailed tasks for one off projects as well as ongoing events.

ERP Task Scheduling


There are numerous benefits for every company that implements the software. Larger companies will benefit more from the ERP system due to the helpfulness of being able to delegate tasks to multiple team members and the system can be used by a vast number of employees.

That is not to say that smaller companies will not benefit from this software, because they will. The only difference is that they will see less benefits than that of a larger company. Implementing this software as a startup is quite smart though, as they can integrate each new employee in it when they start working for them.

Assign Employees To Specific Tasks

The ERP system notifies employees when that have been assigned tasks so that they can stay on top of them and keep up to date with what they are required to do. Employees are also notified when updates have been made to the tasks assigned to them. This helps to keep them on track and prevents them from missing out on any important information.

Task Scheduling System

Assign Parts And Equipment To Tasks

Employees can be provided with a detailed piece of information relating to the task assigned to them. The will be able to see what equipment and parts are required and vehicles too.

Set-Up Detailed Recurring Tasks

Projects and tasks sometimes require repetitive action. The Enterprise Resource Planning system allows recurring tasks to be created and managed effectively. This saves time on the creation and recreation of the task every time it is required.

Monitor Statuses On All Tasks

ERP Task System

Managers, staff, literally anyone integrated into the system will be able to view and manage Due, Open, Complete and Overdue tasks. There are restrictions of course. Mainly this relates to the level of authority trying to view the tasks. For instance managers are able to monitor task for all of their employees, whereas team members can only view tasks related to them or the team they are in.

Task scheduling is a highly beneficial way to improve the running of a company and ensure the work that is carried out within it, is exactly what the owner wants. The option to assign tasks to teams as well as individual employees is very helpful. If one person doesnt pick up on a new task that needs to be action ed and completed urgently others will and this ensures that no tasks are missed and not action ed within the required time frame.
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