The Impact of ERP on Management Accountants
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The Impact of ERP on Management Accountants

Business world is rapidly changing. Mostly emerging origination are moving towards EPR (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems in order to unite their cross functional business units. ERP system improves the quality of managerial accounting process, and training.

ERP Software

ERP software usually consists of multiple modules of enterprise software that are purchased according to what best meets the specific and technical capabilities of the organisation. Each ERP module is designed for one area of business processes and it is used to manage back-office activities and tasks. The main purpose of using an Enterprise Resource Planning system is to centralise all the information that is shared by all the departments to improve the data flow across the organisation.

Benefits Accounting Software

ERP Function for Accountant

ERP system is more friendly for Accountant and provide effective tools to maintain database and improve their work flow as well.

ERP helps Accountants to manage their financial matter such as;

General Ledger
Fixed Assets
Payable including vouching, matching and payments records
Inventory records
Receivables and cash collection

It helps to create tax code system to differentiate work, customers and employees.

An ERP gives solutions to accountants. Its a resource management system that monitoring the business financial and also track the records of tangible and intangible assets, human resource, material and purchase. Intangible is working hours, product life cycle, KPIs and customers relations, these are not directly related to financials but they impact of companys finances indirectly.
ERP accounting software provide you modules as per your company needs.

ERP Accounting System

If company is at entry level so software will be simple. As per your company requirement more complex data recording process an be insert in it. Even you can add specific modules for your accounting functions which can be benefits for your accountant.
So when you purchase software strictly for the financial management for your company, so make it sure to get all the modules which is useful for your financial information.

ERP consists of

Standard financial tools and reports
Inventory control
Billing and Purchasing
Customer Relationship Management
Industry-specific modules for construction, distribution and manufacturing
Advantages of ERP
Best reporting system
Provide Business Intelligent
E-commerce integration
Various modules
Modular software

Accounting Software ERP

ERP systems make it easy for order tracking, inventory tracking, revenue tracking, sales forecasting and related activities.

ERP is now the need of the hour for your finical management and it is so beneficial for your accountants. More businesses demand better collaboration of their operations. Further businesses are globally now, and accounting software are beneficial for the company, people come and go but data would be recorded in the database and anytime it can be retrieved.

In short EPR system has an impact on management accounting. As an operational system, it can give potential to accounting system and can achieve maximum benefits through it. Accountant can synchronise themselves with this ERP system and they can be more effective and efficient in their work.
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