The importance and function of Order Entry in ERP
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The importance and function of Order Entry in ERP

No one wants to second-guess the date an order was made; and definitely not a professional who makes a living out of it. With an ally in Enterprise Resource Planning Software, there is no reason why an order entry in ERP should not be made.

IMPORTANCE OF ORDER ENTRY IN ERP: It is important to make an Order Entry (OE) in ERP when an organization places an order or receives an order from another organization. The reasons for this include:

- SPEED AND ACCURACY: This prevents short-supplying a customer based on the order placed. Since the order entry in ERP is made, the product being supplied can be crosschecked on the system before supply is made. The customer gets to receive the exact quantity of goods placed in the order in quick time.

The importance and function of Order Entry in ERP

The marketers of the organization also benefit as they can access the system and know from the order entry in ERP what products are selling more.

- KEY CODE: When an Order Entry (OE) in ERP is made, it automatically generates a key code that is associated with that order. In future, when any reference is to be made, the key code will simply be searched for in the system and the details of the order will be displayed.

- PAYMENT TYPE: An Order Entry (OE) in ERP will have the method of payment. Any time it is checked, it will be known if payment was made in cash, with a credit card, or on credit.

- DEMOGRAPHICS: The occupation, age, and any other information of the customer may be recorded in the Order Entry.

FUNCTIONS OF ORDER ENTRY IN ERP: An Order Entry in ERP is not made for the fun of it, there are functions which are served by so doing. They are:

Order Entry in ERP

- CUSTOMER INFORMATION: If the telephone number of a customer is needed for instance; because an order entry in erp was made, it can be easy to call it up on the system. The same applies to finding the invoice with which the order was placed.

- INVOICE PRINTING: With the information already existing in the system, it is quite easy to print the invoice at any time that it is required.

- FREQUENT TRANSACTIONS: There are transactions that occur on a regular basis. These transactions can only be effectively serviced when a proper record is made. With the Order Entry in ERP made, it is possible to observe over time transactions that occur at a particular period on a regular basis.

- ORDER CREATION: It is easy to create an order since all that is required is to follow the sample of one already on the system.

ERP Order Entry

- ADD A NEW CUSTOMER: It is possible that an organization that is not yet a customer may have gotten a mention in an Order Entry (OE) in ERP. With the information provided on the invoice, it will be easy to convert the organization into a loyal customer.

Making an Order Entry (OE) in ERP goes a long way in benefiting an organization. It is the first contact point an organization may have with a customer. This is so because a customer may call on telephone for a product to be supplied. The staff who receives the quote on phone then creates the order.

Most importantly, at any time in future when a reference is to be made, details of a purchase or supply can be called up on the system by searching with the generated key code.
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