The role of a ERP sales representative
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The role of a ERP sales representative

An ERP sales representative would call into mid to large sized organizations that are using ERP or enterprise resource planning based platforms. The goal of this ERP sales rep is to prospect and engage the potential client to the sales of the specific ERP product.

The salesman, or salesperson, should be informed on the companies specific service and what they require for the ERP software. The roles an ERP sales representative are as follows. An ERP sales rep would work directly with a sales manager to compile an understandable way in which to generate leads which would assist in receiving a better chance at overall profitability and success within that area of focus.

ERP sales software

The ERP salesperson would then contact large companies that have a very large employee base of at least 500 people. These potential clients must qualify for the service and also the expectations of the service well understood by the client. The ERP sales rep would know his or her demographic and know specifically the competition that exists for the ERP salesman or sales person. They would utilize their own internal CRM to effectively manage tasks and actives regarding clients and prospective clients relations.

ERP sales reps would work among their department to know specifically on how overall sales are going. They would represent their own ERP company with respect and professionalism. If all these roles of an ERP salesman, or salesperson are done effectively, success will be seen by the ERP sales rep. Knowledge of each specific topic in which they are selling to as well. If the ERP sales rep does not know the specialty, research may be required to discover and find out what that specific client would need from an ERP system.

ERP sales system

This way the ERP rep would know specifically where the areas of concern lie for that prospective client. Help from a manager assists in this process, but really, the ERP rep must do a great deal of this research and legwork of finding clients on their own. The initial plan may be established by the manager to the ERP rep; but that plan then must be executed.

Delivered effectively for the client to understand and also want to put that plan into action. The type of clients that are being approached will, at many times, be of a high nature, in charge of very large companies and organizations.

Professionalism is key in the success. This is why enterprise resource planning is not for the faint of heart. I addition, a great deal of education must be obtained from an ERP sales rep. They should have at least a 4 year degree, 5 years work experience in sales and outbound calls, an in depth understanding of technology as well as a comprehensive understanding of ERP systems and how they function.

Having all this in addition to having a flair for selling the product they need to sell; being experienced at doing that and then applying it to selling ERP systems. These are all things that need to be considered for a successful qualified ERP sales rep.

ERP sales cafm

By considering all these factors, this is how an ERP salesman, or salesperson functions. It is how they construct and deliver the ERP product to the client. Education is of extreme importance in most cases, as it assists in the research process for finding and signing up clients. Also by having a good personality and having flair for selling assists in convincing the client that the ERP product is right for them. This is how sale works in general. The client needs to be 'dazzled' by the information that is being given to them.

This ensures for maximum success. Being well informed prior to making an attempt to sell the ERP system to the client beforehand essential. The ERP sales rep is essentially 'doing their homework' on the topic at hand. So when they meet the client, the client does not have to be concerned as to whether that ERP sales rep knows the topic in which they are concerned.

They will know immediately that the ERP sales rep is well aware of the situation. All this done and organized into their own CRM system so that the ERP rep may be able to refer to it when helping a client. These are what the roles and duties a successful ERP sales rep would consist of
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