Tracking Travel with ERP Tasks
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Tracking Travel with ERP Tasks

Travel is an important part of a daily schedule no matter where your business exists in the world, and with ERP FM we make allowances in our scheduling software modules to log your internal employee travel times so that we can produce an accurate costing of task events throughout the day.

The key components in the system that provide the functioning and support the travel cost logging in ERP is the following:

- Setting up a base location
- Having correctly set up facilities management

The main focus of tracking is knowing where your contacts base building is, you can set this by entering a record for an internal contact and you will be presented with the ability to select the base location.

Tracking Travel in ERP

Once you have assigned a building for the Internal Employee this will then calculate every return point of a day to this location. If we take the following example as a schedule this will provide more clarity:

a) Our Employee is Hailee Rager
b) Her base location is set to Building D in Hatfield, England
c) Her work day starts at 08:00
d) Her first appointment is at 09:00 until 13:00 in Harrow, England
e) An hour travel time has been provided to allow for Hailee to get to the second appointment
f) Her second appointment is at 14:00 until 17:00 in Watford, England
g) Hailee finishes her work day at 18:00 and the system has a Time Travel From clause which represents this in her task information so she is still paid for her time

With the two above appointments, you can clearly see the time between 13:00 and 14:00 which will be set out to enable the employee to get from and too her location, but also when it comes to her last appointment of the day finishing there is a factored in time where she is still being paid to travel back to her base building (or the location of her choosing given it?s the end of her workday).

Travel Time Costs in ERP

The simple point of the purpose is that the system factors in travel time and gives the correct financial information back to your ERP system.

We also have additional components that recommend employees and suppliers for tasks based on their skills, when you take advantage of our recommend scheduling features this will automatically factor in the time between two places and use a buffer time travel rule set to give accurate times so that your team no longer have to worry about how they schedule the travel times of work.
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