Two Factor Authentication and the importance of valid information for your ERP system
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Two Factor Authentication and the importance of valid information for your ERP system

At ERP FM we take security extremely serious, your data in your ERP system is belongs to you and nobody else, and in this day and age you need to be aware of bad actors with bad intentions. With our ERP system we have built features around your logging in process which enables Two-factor authentication coupled up with location tracking so that you don't become bogged down with constantly having to enter text message codes to get access to your system

We have invested a large amount of time in making sure that the balance of when you are requested to authenticate yourself vs the need to protect your data is correct. We believe that the formula we have created will offer you the maximum protection but not prevent you from getting done what you need to.

Two factor authentication password change

Our process at ERP FM works like this with our Enterprise Resource Planning product:

    1. When you login for the first time you will be prompted to enter the dispatched two-factor code

    2. After you have successfully completed step 1 you will be asked to update your password to something secure which is coupled with a password strength algorithm

    3. All accounts that access the system are required to have a valid e-mail address and working phone number to receive the two-factor authentication text message

    4. Once you have completed step one and two you are free to go about your duties

two factor password change

From time to time, as your IP address changes our system will detect this and request that you authenticate your credentials, the smart part of the process though, is that our system will only ever ask you once per IP address and keeps an active log of what you have authenticated. We have a few additional precautions built into our process such as temporary bans that are placed on users who fail a two-factor authentication process, this is a strict requirement to prevent system abuse and the length can be specified by the system administrator, and also removed by a system administrator if required.

To underline, we at ERP FM, our security first over any other aspect and have built a system for our customers that reflects are seriousness about protecting your data, yes two-factor can be a small inconvenience to your daily routine but we are confident with our non-intrusive procedures you will feel protected while not overwhelmed with the demands of the security process.

Additionally look out for our articles that look at how we utilize our password protection by adding compulsory expires and monitor for any odd behavior that trigger password resets and temporary banning.

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