Two-factor Authentication with CAFM
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Two-factor Authentication with CAFM

Two-factor authentication involves verifying a persons identity through two different means. In the age of identity theft and questionable Internet security, this method of verification is becoming increasingly more prevalent. No longer is a simple password enough to allow a person access to a secure website. Current trends show users needing to answer security questions, verify a previously chosen identification image, or enter a code sent via email or text message.

Facility Management Two Factor Authentication

These measures are designed to protect the consumer's personal data to help reduce the risk of identity theft. While it may sometimes seem like a bit of a pain to have to jump through hoops to access bank statements or pay bills online, the benefits highly outweigh the drawbacks. Nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your important identifying information is secure.

Two Factor Terminal

On the business side, the use of two-factor authentication demonstrates to customers that the organization cares about its customers and places value on their security. When customers know that a website is secure, they are more likely to want to continue their relationship with that business.

On the contrary, if a company's website is not secure, the business will likely lose customers to their competitors who put a premium on their customers' identities and financial information. Utilizing security measures, like two-factor authentication, protects not only the consumer, but the business as well. As past incidences have shown, a data breach can cost a company millions of dollars in fraudulent purchases, not to mention the massive hit to the company's reputation and customer loyalty.
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