Vegetation Management
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Vegetation Management

Vegetation management is very important as it highly decreases the chances of bush fire outbreak and also causes power outages; all these are mainly caused by vegetation falling or coming in contact with power lines. In order to enable consistent services, vegetation should properly manage, especially when there are close to important facilities like power lines.

What is Vegetation Management?

Vegetation Management is a branch of Facility management which deals with the controlling of every form of plant life to prevent disasters like wild spread fire. The main havoc lack of vegetation management can project is plants? interaction with power lines and this can cause tremendous effects.

Vegetation overgrown

Transmission lines are very useful wires that are strung over very large distances as they transmit large amount of energies over large areas, this causes them to be easily facilitated in wide areas of vegetation which can interrupt the transmission of energy produced.

It reduces the harm done to people, their properties and the environment at large. It also reduces power supply problems that are vegetation-caused, and generally eliminates the risks of tree branches interrupting with power lines and causing fire outbreaks.

How does it work?

Facility Management deals with the maintenance of facilities and they include the following; health and Safety, Fire Safety, Security, maintenance and testing, cleaning and inspection, Operation and tendering. Since Vegetation Management is a branch of Facility management, all of these processes are equally included. There are several methods of removing disturbing vegetation that could cause havoc to the environment, which includes the ecological approach and the integrated approach.

Ecological Approach

Ecology is the study of living organisms and how they relate to their environment. Historically, Vegetation management has not put into consideration ecological principles and this has led to very significant impacts like more expense. Ecological principles while managing vegetation saves resources from the ground on the long run as we are able to remove unwanted trees at the same time not hinder the development of the ecosystem. To do this effectively, we must understand the five vital ecological principles which include time, specie, place, disturbance and landscape.

Vegetation fire

Integrated Approach

Integrated Vegetation management is an integrated way of solving the disturbance of vegetation in order to prevent havoc. The methods involved are easily linked; hence they are integrated from the ground basis. The basic principle is involving the right method of control at the right time which is closely related with one another so that the results of one system affect the progress of the other systems.

This approach is important because it helps us to better manage vegetation as we can plan ahead. We know the end result from the initial starting point. Vegetation management is an important aspect of facility management that helps promote security and performance of certain infrastructures including road systems. For the betterment of environmental activities, these processes should be heavily improved upon.
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