Vehicle & Fleet Servicing with Fleet Management
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Vehicle & Fleet Servicing with Fleet Management

Do you own a vehicle transportation organisation? Well, if the answer is yes, maintenance and servicing is a common term to you. It is worth noting that a transportation organisation with a fleet of cars and trucks will need routine servicing and maintenance of their vehicles to keep them in good form. Monitoring such a large number of vehicles has proven somehow difficult to many organisations. However, with fleet management system, an organisation can comfortably monitor their vehicles regardless of where they are.Fleet management is a system that helps vehicle organisation manage various functions of their vehicles. It manages vehicle telematics, speed, maintenance and even fuel management among many other functions.

Using a fleet management system has the following benefits:

Fleet Management Servicing

Alerts on service time & Schedules

As noted earlier, is not easy to track when each vehicle in your fleet needs servicing and maintenance. However, this has been made much easier with fleet management system. An autopilot system uses the vehicles dashboard and a colour coding with web cards to notify organisations when their vehicles service is soon approaching. Notifications are sent from this system to vehicles organisation's emails. To make sure the notifications are received, the system sends these emails on a daily basis. Prior notifications gives organisations enough time to plan for the service and maintenance.

Service history

It is very important each time an organisation wants to do a fleet service and maintenance be aware of the previous one. This will help to review what will be required. More so, it will help to avoid repeating repair and maintenance of the same parts on a particular vehicle that might lead to wastages.

Fleet Maintenance System

Assign work orders

After the autopilot system alerts an organisation of the soon approaching servicing and maintenance, the system will assign particular parts to trusted services providers who will work on them. Autopilot system will again notify organisations of parts which haven?t been assigned and still need servicing and maintenance.
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