Vehicle Occupancy & Intellect with Fleet management
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Vehicle Occupancy & Intellect with Fleet management

Because of the highly vocalised myths, businesses both small and large usually forego the benefits that Fleet Management systems have to offer. Fleet Management systems are too expensive, they are not ideal for small businesses, they invade the privacy of employees and, all the systems are the same. These are just some of the myths that make business owners develop cold feet towards Fleet management.

These could not be further from the truth. Fleet systems are diverse and come in ranges that are ideal for any business that has vehicles or even a vehicle. They have different offers and the system in all instances is used to monitor the movements of the cars. Hence, the systems steer clear of the privacy of your employees and that of their families. Whats more, the business owner gets to enjoy a plethora of benefits. These include;

Better customer service

Fleet Management Transit

One of the best ways to make sure youre reliable is to know which cars are in use and which ones are not. Being able to know which cars are at the disposal of your customers allows you to give them a better and more timely service. If you work with dispatchers, they are able to control your fleet much better and assign cars more effectively.

Reduce Fuel costs

The greatest expense youll have with cars is fuel. It can be costly and especially when the cars are not used in the right way. With a Fleet Management system, youre able to make sure that cars on duty are in the right places without any detours and those in parking are in parking. You save on fuel by making sure that you have vehicles in the right places at the right time.

Real time location tracking

Fleet Management Stationary

You can never be too trusting with your drivers. You need to make sure that your fleet is where it ought to be at the time it is meant to be. You can only do this with real time location tracking. There are systems that even have an alarm that goes off when the vehicle is used off hours making it much easier to improve accountability and fleet management.

Get to know how busy your fleet is

One of the ways to manage your fleet effectively is by ensuring that youre aware of just how busy the number you currently have is. You have a better projection of the income and more importantly, this can be a yard stick to knowing when you need to make additions. If all the vehicles are where theyre meant to be and you still find yourself stretched, then you plan for the future more accordingly. If you cannot account for the whereabouts of the cars, you never know when you need to make additions and if you do, it might be a premature and costly decision.

Fleet management UK

Fleet management Systems are key to any successful and healthy business that relies on its motorcade to be able to impress their clients or make profits. They add value, reduce running costs and lengthen the life of your fleet. Ultimately, youre able to get more for less with a Fleet Management System.

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