Video Surveillance through ERP
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Video Surveillance through ERP

What is a video surveillance? It is an appliance that allows video images or any extracted information to be compressed, stored and then transmitted over to a communication network or a digital data link. A digital video surveillance can be used for any type of monitoring. Basically, it is a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV).

In a business, employees and assets are essentially crucial to be secured due to many aspects. Generally, a video surveillance is often seen mainly as a tool to prevent theft; however, a closed-circuit television (CCTV) can give much more than just a warning alone. Nowadays, a video surveillance is also used in many other ways such as;

Video Surveillance software erp fm

1) To monitor the performance of employees
2) To act as an audit trail
3) For customers? records
4) To protect the business from theft and any unwanted circumstances

Having an online system upon monitoring an area through CCTV gives the benefit to the owner. It provides the flexibility for them to check their premises at anytime and anywhere giving that piece of mind that their business is not in any troubles. The common hardware requirements for a video surveillance are as follow:

Audio Control boards & joy sticks Infrared
LED illuminators
Housing and brackets
Installation tools
Media converters
Network video decoders
Professional monitors
Power over Ethernet
Power supplies
Servers Transmission

Businesses operate security cameras for the purpose of ensuring the safety and security of staff and clients of the premises and facilities. All business must comply to operate within the guidelines of the Security Surveillance Procedure.

Cameras cannot be used for the surveillance of any persons but camera footage may be retrieved by security guards or staff and used as evidence where an act (e.g. assault of a person, destruction to facilities) has happened that warrants investigation by the business. Such records may also be critical by law to be provided to other parties such as a court or to the police.

Video Surveillance system erp fm

It does not matter what is the size of your company, every business needs a technique of organization in order for it to be lucrative and effective. But, even with this information, many small- and medium-size businesses aren't quite certain what they need or even where to start looking in order to enhance this part of their business.

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning Software, is a business software that integrates and runs all aspects of one?s business. It does everything from tractability of raw materials, administration and optimization of inventory, production planning and scheduling, to financial controls and even customer relationship management.

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An ERP system enables businesses to identify waste, eliminate inefficiencies, improve customer relations and facilitate real-time collaboration. Take ERP as the glue that connects the different computer systems for a big organization. Typically each department would have their own system enhanced for that division's specific responsibilities.

Through ERP, each section still has their own method, but they can converse and share info easier with the rest of the company. With the combination of a video surveillance into an existing ERP, it will help boost the efficiency of a business and help guide business owners in managing their company better and smoothly.
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